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People raise horses for many reasons, including farming, riding, and travelling. Depending on your situation, you may want to sell a horse to someone else. However, you may worry about the buyer trying to make a claim against you in court over the situation.

Luckily, legal documents stand out as an effective way to protect yourself. You should create a horse bill of sale as legal proof of the transaction. If you don’t know the process to make a bill of sale, you need to learn about the options available by reading the information below.

Horse Bill of Sale Template

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Understanding a Horse Bill of Sale

Depending on your situation, you may not know what a bill of sale entails. A bill of sale refers to a written agreement between two parties as they make a sale. The seller receives money for their property, and the buyer receives the rights to the property being sold.

A person can use a bill of sale for a variety of circumstances. For example, you could create a bill of sale for a car, boat, firearm, or similar item. Because of this, you must find or make a bill of sale if you plan to sell a horse.

A bill of sale for horse ownership means the seller completely hands over the horse to the buyer. This document ensures that no one can falsely claim the horse after the transaction while ensuring someone takes responsibility for the horse.

A bill of sale draws clear legal lines so that no one faces legal repercussions in the future.

Horse Bill of Sale Creation Methods

As you seek a horse bill of sale, you must try one of these three methods to get one in your possession:

  1. Make your horse bill of sale.
  2. Find a template and fill in the blank portions.
  3. Hire someone to create the bill of sale for you.

We want to explain these options to help you see the advantages and drawbacks of each choice.

Create It Yourself

This step involves creating a free horse bill of sale for yourself so you can save money. When you do it this way, you can phrase the bill of sale however you want. This means you can easily make changes based on the conditions you and the buyer agree on.

However, you will need to spend some time creating the bill on your own. You may also make a mistake, which may cause issues later on. Either way, this approach works best if you want to create a horse bill of sale on your own.

Use a Horse Bill of Sale Template

If you don’t want to make a bill of sale, you need to find a horse bill of sale template. Doing so will save you time since you need to fill in the blanks to prepare the template or make adjustments. You will need to look through various templates to find the best one for your situation.

If you don’t get the template from a reliable source, you could find mistakes or issues with the template. Most templates require you to pay money to access them. However, templates can help you simplify the process when you use them as a guide.

Hire Someone to Make It

Depending on the situation, you could hire a person or business to make the bill of sale for you. The professional will then adjust the bill based on what you and the buyer need. You can also rely on a professional to create a high-quality bill of sale.

You need to pay the person to make the bill of sale, so this approach costs more than doing it yourself. It may also take more time to get the bill depending on the workload of the person or business. However, you can use the bill as a template in the future to make the process easier for yourself.

Four Steps to Make a Horse Bill of Sale

If you plan to draft your horse bill of sale form, keep these steps in mind. They will help you address the most important points during your drafting process, so that both you and the buyer are kept safe.

Some details of a horse bill of sale vary depending on where you live, but these steps will give you a general overview. That way, you can make sure you cover the most crucial points and state the terms of the sale as shown in this horse bill of sale.

Even if you don’t create your bill of sale, you need to review these steps. Doing so will help you identify what a template or writer needs to include in the horse bill of sale to meet your needs.

  1. State the Seller and Buyer

    You need to leave a blank place on the bill of sale for you and the buyer. Most bills will have a blank space with a parenthesis beside them, indicating where buyers and sellers need to sign. That way, you can ensure both parties sign the spots they need to during the process.
    Doing this also makes it easy to identify who plans to sell and who plans to buy the horse, so you don’t run into confusion later on.

  2. Include Information About the Transaction

    Make sure you include key details about the transaction, including the price, the date, the location of the transfer, and information about the horse. This way both parties know how much money the buyer needs to pay the seller.
    It also makes clear the exact day the buyer becomes responsible for the horse. This includes the state or place where you performed it to ensure you follow the local laws. When you include horse information, you should add the horse’s name alongside any identification numbers.

  3. Add Any Clauses or Agreements to the Document

    Sometimes, people need to add clauses and further details to the document, so both parties know what to do in certain situations. This includes details about how you no longer claim ownership of the horse, but the buyer takes full responsibility.

    This next point depends on the area where you live since you will need to include legal details. Make sure you include any points you discussed with the buyer ahead of time. For example, the buyer may agree to pay for the horse in installments over a year, so be sure to mention this detail in the bill of sale.

  4. Have Both Parties Sign and Include Contact Information

    You need to sign the document alongside the buyer to show proof of your agreement. Make sure you include a spot for each of you to sign the document and the date. Depending on the state, you need to have a witness sign the paper alongside both of you.

    Once you sign the paper, you need to include phone numbers and addresses, so you can contact each other. That way, if you or the buyer face a problem, you can talk about it. Make sure you offer a copy to the buyer, so he or she can review the bill as needed.


Many people question if they need to create a printable horse bill of sale. After all, can’t you agree on a sale with the buyer and not worry about it? We want to talk about some FAQs to show you how a bill of sale can help you.

Some people feel they can get by without a bill of sale, but they could face issues without one. For example, you may create a payment plan with the buyer to ensure you get all the money. However, if you don’t have a bill of sale, you don’t have a binding contract.

The buyer could stop the payments, but without a legal document, you can’t prove the buyer agreed to them. Because of this, you could wind up losing money without any proof to reclaim your horse.

A horse bill of sale offers clauses and points to protect the seller and buyer. For example, it mentions how much money the buyer must pay the seller. This means the seller can claim the total money owed if the buyer doesn’t pay it all, but can’t ask for more money later.

It also protects the seller by clearing them of any liability after the sale. If the horse receives an injury or destroys any property, the seller doesn’t hold responsibility for the event. However, the seller can’t reclaim the horse from the buyer.

Even though a standard horse bill of sale example will help you, not all bills of sale work the same between states. For example, California may create different rules regarding a bill of sale compared to a state like Delaware.

The bill of sale varies if you perform the transaction in another country. In this situation, you must ensure you follow the local laws. This includes researching the state and country you perform the transaction in to avoid legal problems.