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In Maine, a bill of sale is a crucial legal document that records the sale of a property. It is an essential part of recognizing a sale and works for anything from vehicles to smaller items.

Maine General Bill of Sale

A general bill of sale is a document that recognizes the sale of any item changing in ownership between two parties. You can use it for anything, and it works as crucial legal protection. Should there arise a disagreement between the parties, it will record the agreed-upon price and terms of sale.

Maine Car Vehicle Bill of Sale

A Maine car bill of sale is specifically for the sale and purchase of a motor vehicle. Maine OMV may require a form for some transactions, and this document includes all relevant and necessary information in a motor vehicle sale.

Maine Motorcycle Bill of Sale

The motorcycle ownership transfer document records the transfer of ownership of a motorcycle and will record important information such as the odometer at the time of the sale. If you are purchasing or selling a motorcycle, it is essential to use this document and retain a copy for your records.

Maine Boat Bill of Sale

The boat bill of sale is used to either purchase or sell a watercraft. It is required during vehicle registration if there is no room for the title, or in cases such as proving the sale for a tax credit or if you do not have a registration card.

Maine Trailer Bill of Sale

If you are purchasing or selling a trailer, use this document to establish the conditions and terms of sale. Retain a copy for your records like you would with any other legal documents.

Maine Firearm Bill of Sale

Maine state law, Maine does not require firearm registration, and you do not have to submit a form to the state after a transaction. However, it is wise to keep a Main gun bill of sale in your records to document the purchase or sale of any firearm.

Maine Horse Bill of Sale

Purchasing or selling a horse can often be surprisingly complicated and expensive. This ownership document records the transfer of ownership of a horse and provides proof of ownership for the buyer.

It is common to make a deposit before the sale pending a health inspection of the animal, and if the parties decide to finalize the sale, the deposit amount will be deducted from the final balance due.


More helpful information for Maine residents is available below.

It is required to have a bill of sale or sign over the title with a notary stamp to register a vehicle or boat. You then need to register and start with another form from your local OMV office. It is not necessary for a gun or most other private party sales. However, it is always a good idea to fill out a form for your records.

A bill of sale needs to include a description of the item being sold, the date, the legal names of the parties involved, the amount of the sale, and the signatures of all the parties. You can write it in typical English; no need to worry about legal jargon. You may also need to notarize it, depending on the item.

Maine is one of the six states that does require the title or bill of sale to be notarized to transfer title or ownership. This applies to both motor vehicles and boats. However, a sale form for other personal property is not required to be notarized. To ensure you have the correct information in your document, use the forms available on our site.

It is valid as long as the document records all pertinent information and the signatures of both parties involved. It may also need to be notarized, and it is best to ensure you have all the information needed before you print or use a premade bill of sale form.