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A Bill of Sale is an essential part of any private sale transaction but is only a legal requirement in some states. A Massachusetts Bill of Sale shall include the item’s make, model, year, VIN, information about the buyer and seller, and more and shall also state the selling price in many cases.

In Massachusetts, for a vehicle, you are only required to fill out this form if the vehicle you’re selling is exempt from titling. However, it is still a good idea to fill out the document to have a record of the transaction, particularly to register your ownership of the vehicle with the DMV.

The sale of a vehicle is not the only transaction that could benefit from this form. There are several other instances where keeping a copy of the document for your records could be beneficial, such as in the sale of a motorcycle, boat, trailer, firearm, or horse.

Massachusetts General Bill of Sale

A General bill is just another name for this form substantiating the fact of a legal transfer of an item from one party to another.

Massachusetts Car Vehicle Bill of Sale

If a vehicle is being sold privately and is exempt from titling, then a Bill of Sale is required.

Massachusetts Motorcycle Bill of Sale

When engaging in a private sale between two parties for a motorcycle, the same rules apply as with the form for a general sale.

Massachusetts Boat Bill of Sale

When engaging in a private sale between two parties for a boat, the same rules apply as with the form for a general sale. However, a new boat owner has twenty days from the date of acquisition to register the boat with the state of Massachusetts. In this case, the document would be very useful, although not required.

Massachusetts Trailer Bill of Sale

The exemption for vehicles exempt from titling also applies to trailers weighing 3,000 pounds or less, meaning that these types of trailers are legally required to have a the appropriate bill.

Massachusetts Firearm Bill of Sale

Under Chapter 140 Section 131 of Massachusetts law, all individuals must procure an identification card to own firearms in the State. The Massachusetts Firearm document functions as a purchase and sale agreement for a gun sold privately between two parties.

Massachusetts Horse Bill of Sale

You should also fill out a form when transferring the ownership of a horse from one party to another. This sales document will comprise every detail of the transaction, including the condition of the horse, any breeding information, the parties involved, and the price of the horse.

What is a Bill of Sale?

This document is a receipt to document the transaction during the private sale of a specific item, containing information about the item to be sold and information on the buyer and seller, as well as a assigned agreement between both parties.

The state you live in may require you to register your sale. Thus, you will need to show proof of ownership by providing an official document.

Is a Bill of Sale Required in Massachusetts?

When privately selling a motor vehicle, this specific bill is not required in Massachusetts unless the vehicle is exempt from titling. You will need to fill out a form for vehicles from the model year 1980 or older, purchased before 1990.

The requirements for other items sold may vary, as outlined below.

How To Write a Bill of Sale in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles does not provide a standard form that you can fill out. Instead, you will have to write your own document or use one of our templates. Make sure the said document includes the following information for a vehicle:

  • Seller’s full name and address
  • Buyer’s full name and address
  • Vehicle identification number, year, make, model, and mileage
  • Date of the sale
  • Dost of the purchased vehicle
  • Acknowledgment of liens held on the vehicle

After both parties sign the document, make a copy for the seller and give the original document to the buyer.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can hand-draft your own document or use one of our custom templates.

In Massachusetts, this document does not have to be notarized.