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A bill of sale is an essential legal document that people use to create a record of the transfer of ownership. Once both or all parties involved need to sign the bill of sale, copies should be made. Both the buyer and seller should retain these copies for their records, and the buyer may also need a copy for registration purposes.

Montana General Bill of Sale

A general bill of sale typically can include the sale of any type of personal property, anything from small household items to much more expensive items. A signed bill of sale is a crucial protection for both parties in case there is any dispute after the sale.

Montana Car Vehicle Bill of Sale

A Montana car bill of sale document applies when purchasing a car or truck. Use a car vehicle bill of sale to ensure that you include all pertinent info such as make, model, VIN, color, odometer, etc. The buyer and seller will both need to sign it, but an official notarization is not necessary.

Montana Motorcycle Bill of Sale

The motorcycle bill of sale document is for when purchasing or selling a motorcycle and will record all relevant information, such as the odometer. It will have the same layout and requirements as other sales documents, so make sure you are filling out the form specifically for motorcycles.

Montana Boat Bill of Sale

You can use a boat bill of sale document when selling any type of watercraft. It provides proof of ownership for the buyer and can be used to earn a tax credit for the seller. A bill of sale will be required for registration and license purposes as well.

Montana Trailer Bill of Sale

When purchasing or selling a trailer, use this document to ensure that you have proper record keeping in the event of any legal issue. The form will look similar to other sales agreements and needs signatures from all parties involved.

Montana Firearm Bill of Sale

According to Montana state law, Montana does not require firearm registration, and you do not have to submit a Montana gun bill of sale to the state after a transaction. However, it is always a good idea to maintain a record or paper trail when buying or selling firearms if one item links to criminal activity at some point.

Montana Horse Bill of Sale

There are several details that it is crucial to include when purchasing or selling a horse to ensure that the sale and condition of the animal are properly recorded. Use the horse bill of sale document to ensure that you keep everything pertinent.


Here are a few more quick answers regarding Montana’s legal requirements for citizens.

Yes, it is required to have a bill of sale or sign over the title with a notary stamp to register a vehicle or boat. You then need to register to start with your local MVD office. It is not necessary for a gun or most other private party sales. That said, it is always an excellent idea to fill out a bill of sale.

A bill of sale needs to include an accurate description of the item, the date, the full names of the parties involved, the price, and, of course, the signatures of all parties. It may also need to be notarized to ensure its legitimacy for some items, such as motor vehicles.

Yes, Montana is one of the six states that does require the title or bill of sale to be notarized to transfer a title or ownership. The same applies to both motor vehicles and boats. A bill of sale for other personal property is not required to be notarized.

Technically yes, but it needs to be legible and include all necessary information, such as names, prices, the addresses of all parties, and details about the item for sale. It will need to have everything the official forms have, though the layout will be different.