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A Nevada Bill of Sale is a form that acts as a receipt for the sale of personal property between private individuals. This document records the change in ownership of an item from one person to another and shows the process was legal.

Nevada General Bill of Sale

A Nevada General Bill of Sale is a document used between two persons to demonstrate that purchase occurred. This form is essential because it provides detailed information that protects both the buyer and seller safe legally.

This document provides proof of ownership, evidence of a sale, along with information related to both parties.

Nevada Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale

A Nevada Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale is a legal document required in the State of Nevada which shows proof of a legal of a motor vehicle. Make sure you include details related to the ownership of the vehicle and information about the buyer and seller. Nevada law does require that the party keep the plates and use them or have them canceled within 30 days of selling the vehicle.

Nevada Motorcycle Bill of Sale

The Nevada Motorcycle Bill of Sale is an agreement that allows a party to purchase and hold a receipt after purchase of the motorcycle. This document is required for both titling and registration of the motorbike and it will show legal proof that a legal purchase has occurred and the transference of ownership.

Nevada Boat Bill of Sale

The Nevado Boat Bill of Sale is required when selling or purchasing a vessel. The type of vessel will vary and could be a sailboat, motorboat, or other types of watercraft. This document will be needed when you register your watercraft.

The form will include personal details about the buyer and seller, the specifications, and the condition of the boat. In Nevada, both parties must sign the document, and it will also need to be notarized.

Nevada Trailer Bill of Sale

The Nevada trailer bill of sale is used when transferring ownership of a used trailer from one party to another.

This document must include the condition and price of the trailer, personal information about the buyer and seller, and legal information to protect both parties. This document will need to be presented when you’re registering your trailer.

Nevada Firearm Bill of Sale

In Nevada, the firearm bill of sale includes information regarding the transaction, the type of firearm, pricing, and date of purchase. It should also include the names of the buyer and seller, who will need to provide their addresses and driver’s license numbers.

At this time, only a handgun is permitted without a license in places designated for hunting in Nevada. There are prohibitions on owning a firearm in Nevada.

Nevada Horse Bill of Sale

A Nevada Horse of Bill Sale is needed when purchasing, selling or transferring ownership of a horse from one party to another. The document will include information about the sale and transfer, thus protecting both parties.

The document is legally binding and includes the name and address of the buyer and seller, the price of the horse, and important details about the breed of the horse and its condition and history.


Yes. This legal document is required in Nevada as proof of legal purchase of a motor vehicle. You will need to present this document when you register your new car, boat, trailer, or other motorized vehicles.

The signatures on your bill of sale do need to be witnessed by a notary public and notarized. Make sure you are not signing your document before you meet with your notary, or else you’ll need to get another copy and sign again.

Yes, but it’s recommended to have your copy typed. This way, it will be easy to read, and you will not have to write out multiple copies for the buyer, seller, and any government bodies.