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Having a bill of sale can save you from legal trouble down the line. This document should be written when two or more parties wish to have a legal record for the sale of an asset. This document is a binding agreement typically drafted by the seller and must be written in English.

South Carolina General Bill of Sale

A typical bill of sale will establish the terms for the asset being sold or transferred and provides legal proof that a transaction occurred between two or more parties. In your document, include a description of the asset. Also list out any warranties if applicable, the date of purchase, the price, and contact information for both the buyer and seller.

Both parties should sign the document after it’s been written. 

South Carolina Car Bill of Sale

A bill of sale is required in South Carolina to transfer a vehicle’s title to a new owner. The seller must sign the title over to the buyer and provide the odometer reading, date of purchase, and the final sale price on the reverse side of the title. 

South Carolina Motorcycle Bill of Sale

To title and register a motorbike in the state of South Carolina, the buyer will need the signed title, a motorcycle bill of sale, proof of insurance, and be able to pay the title and registration fees.

This document should list the motorcycle’s make, model, color, and model year. Include the contact information of the buyer and seller. 

South Carolina Boat Bill of Sale

In South Carolina, new owners of a boat are required to register their acquisition with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

A boat bill of sale should list information about the boat, including its make, color model, and model year. Any accessories that came with the boat, such as a trailer, should be listed in the document as well.

Include the contact information of both the buyer and seller. 

South Carolina Trailer Bill of Sale

As with a car, a bill of sale for a trailer should contain the make, model, and year. List any other pertinent information, including what type of towing vehicle the trailer requires if any. 

South Carolina Firearm Bill of Sale

In South Carolina, it is not required to have a bill of sale written for firearm sales. However, this document can prove to be useful when keeping track of the whereabouts of firearms being bought or sold.

South Carolina residents should also note that it is illegal to sell their firearms to anyone outside of the state.

In your document, make sure you list the contact information of both parties, along with the firearms model, serial number, and caliber.

Having this document in place will protect the buyer if the firearm is stolen or used in a crime. The buyer can then prove that the gun belongs to them, and the perpetrator didn’t have permission to use it. This extra layer of legal protection can make all the difference in an emergency. 

South Carolina Horse Bill of Sale

For the sale and transfer of ownership of horses and other livestock, a bill of sale in South Carolina should include as much information about the animal as possible, including the breed, gender, age, and a name if given one. Make sure you list information about the buyer and seller.


No, unless you want to register and tag a vehicle that does not have adequate space on the title to list the odometer reading or purchase price. Regardless, it is always a good idea to have this document for peace of mind. 

If you buy your car from someone unaffiliated with a dealership, your document will need to be notarized. Otherwise, no.

As long as the document is written in English and is legible and clearly defined, South Carolina residents may write out a bill of sale by hand. However, most agencies will require a scanned copy of the document, so it is beneficial to type up a copy instead.