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In the state of South Dakota, a Bill of Sale is a document used to show a completed transaction from one party to another. It is commonly and primarily used for a private-party transaction of ownership. However, this document is not always considered proof of ownership. A signed title might be needed as resolute proof of ownership for specific purchases.

Nevertheless, a Bill of Sale is helpful for both the buyer and seller, as a notarized record to show proof of purchase and payment. This receipt can be used for tax purposes, and should always be treated as an extremely important document by being kept in a safe place.

South Dakota General Bill of Sale

South Dakota Car Vehicle Bill of Sale

There are several requirements you must meet when creating a South Dakota Car Vehicle Bill of Sale. It’s important to follow each prerequisite since this document is recognized as adequate proof of purchase. A seller is allowed to create their own or use a bill of sale template.

Your document must include the following information:

  • Title Number
  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Sellers Name, Address, Signature
  • Buyers Name, Address, Signature
  • Purchase Price

These specific requirements are an acknowledgment of the sale and can protect a seller if the buyer doesn’t follow registration protocols. Although this is considered proof of purchase, a title transfer is still needed for proof of ownership.

South Dakota Motorcycle Bill of Sale

If you are buying or selling a motorcycle in South Dakota from a private-party deal, you should invest your time in completing a thorough bill of sale for the purchase. This document must include the same information as to its car counterpart, but must also have the mileage listed.

Since motorcycle values can vary, this will all be obtained to provide proof of its value. When notarized, it will also act as an active contract between buyer and seller. The South Dakota DMV will recognize this agreement as proof of purchase, but the title is needed to prove ownership.

South Dakota Boat Bill of Sale

Buying or selling a boat in South Dakota is considered a sale of a vessel for monetary funds. It falls under the same form used for a car. You will also need a transfer and registration form. All motorized boats need to be registered in the state of South Dakota. Registration can be made through the South Dakota Department of Revenue.

South Dakota Trailer Bill of Sale

A trailer bill of sale acts as proof of purchase, but not proof of ownership. If a trailer doesn’t have a title, you will also need the certificate of origin along with the bill of sale to apply for a title. You should list the condition of your trailer, along with warranties, appliances, tanks, and hitches.

Having notarized proof of these warranties at the point of sale can protect the buyer if something inside the trailer should stop working.

South Dakota Firearm Bill of Sale

Article 6 Section 24 in the Constitution states the right for citizens to bear arms. The South Dakota Firearm Bill of Sale is a legal agreement between the seller and buyer to purchase a firearm.

The document must include the full description and numbers of the firearm. This document must be notarized, but no registration or license is required from the buyer to complete the transaction. This acts as proof of purchase and must be safeguarded as a record of ownership.

South Dakota Horse Bill of Sale

When purchasing or selling a horse in South Dakota, a Horse Bill of Sale is required. The Horse Bill of Sale is also known as an Equine Bill of Sale. This document will indicate the value of the horse along with its history.

It is important to have full knowledge of the horse and its health before completing the purchase. Once everything is satisfactory, the document will need to be notarized upon payment. Be sure to keep proof of purchase and all records safe since this is the only title of your purchase.


No, it is not required to have the bill of sale notarized, but it is highly recommended if you are making a purchase.

Yes, you can. Just make sure you have more than one copy and that the appropriate parties are signing off. It’s also wise to print legibly.