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A Tennessee bill of sale is a legally-binding document once signed by all parties. Tennessee law declares this document is required for most sales, but optional between private parties. It’s still highly recommended that you use one when you’re purchasing or selling an object of high value.

Tennessee General Bill of Sale

A general bill of sale is made between two private parties. The document helps to provide proof of purchase and is often notarized for legal purposes.

This document is used when a more specific version isn’t applicable. The sale of personal belongings, some properties, goods, or services might have a general bill of sale attached.

Tennessee Car Vehicle Bill of Sale

As the name suggests, you would use this document when buying or selling a car. Between private parties, this document is not legally required but is strongly recommended. If you’re purchasing your car from a dealership, Tennessee law requires that a car bill of sale is included.

This document must include the personal information of both the buyer and seller, with information about the vehicle being sold. Also list odometer readings, the make, model, and year of the vehicle, and the VIN.

Tennessee Motorcycle Bill of Sale

A motorcycle bill of sale is similar to one for a vehicle. This document will need to have the information of the buyer and seller with a description of the motorcycle. Like for cars, these documents are not required among private parties but are required from motorcycle dealerships.

Tennessee Boat Bill of Sale

When purchasing a boat in Tennessee, you’ll need a bill of sale. These documents are specifically for boats and, as with other vehicles, are required by law if purchased from a boat dealership or marina. This document helps ensure that the owner maintains legal ownership over the boat and is sometimes necessary for insurance purposes.

Tennessee Trailer Bill of Sale

If selling a trailer, you may need to create a trailer bill of sale. These documents will show ownership and describe what type of trailer was purchased. Towing trailers, boat trailers, transportation trailers, and other types of trailers all have different laws regarding them.

Tennessee Firearm Bill of Sale

Laws around the purchasing and selling of firearms in Tennessee are notably relaxed. Tennessee has no law that requires a buyer to have a permit to purchase a firearm, and firearms are often purchasable at local stores.

A bill of sale is not required when purchasing a firearm. If you want to create one, the document can still be used to track the legal purchaser in case the firearm is stolen. In your document, make sure you are listing the serial number.

Tennessee Horse Bill of Sale

There are plenty of reasons to own a horse, including farm work, leisure, sports, and riding. These documents help show when an equine transaction has taken place and help track the legal owner of the horse. In your bill of sale, include the horse’s name, condition, identifying markers, and the buyer and seller’s personal information.


In some cases, yes. If you’re purchasing a car, motorcycle, or boat from a dealership, a bill of sale will be needed. This is required by law. If you’re selling one of these items privately, you won’t need one, but having one is recommended to protect you and your

No, it does not need to be notarized. If you want to add some extra protection to your purchase or sale, you can absolutely go to a notary for signature.

Yes, but a typed copy is recommended. It would be wise to get your document notarized if it’s handwritten. In addition, a typed copy is easier to distribute and make copies off. If you still choose to handwrite your document, make sure you are writing or photocopying multiple copies.