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A fax cover sheet is a piece of paper which you fax through to a recipient before the actual fax document or message. A fax cover sheet template isn’t a requirement in fax marketing but it’s quite helpful. The main purpose of this sheet is to provide information about the sender as well as the recipient of the incoming fax.

Fax Cover Sheet Templates

When do you need a fax cover sheet? 

When it comes to a fax cover sheet, people have varying opinions on whether or not they must accompany faxed messages or documents. Some businesses believe that a fax cover letter isn’t useful as it doesn’t provide any definite value. This is especially true when the faxed document contains the basic information anyway.

But other businesses view including a fax cover page as a very useful practice. Therefore, they have their own fax cover letter template that they attach to all of their fax documents and messages. This provides the recipient with immediate identification, especially when the template contains recognizable branding elements.

For some business owners, attaching a printable fax cover sheet that includes the name of the recipient along with other relevant information makes it less likely that other people will read the faxed message. All in all, the decision to include this sheet lies with you.

You can try sending fax with a fax cover sheet template first or without the sheet. Then you can see which process works best for you and your business. If you think that attaching this sheet is more beneficial for your clients and colleagues, then you may consider making a template for your business.

On the template, include the basic information. Also, leave space for the employees to write their names whenever they need to send a fax. Then add space for the recipients too. All this information helps ensure that your template will be both effective and well-received.

Free Fax Cover Sheets

What to include on your fax cover sheet 

Although there are plenty of technological advancements in terms of communication, fax machines remain as a significant method of sharing and distributing documents between businesses or branches. For these machines, a fax cover sheet plays an important role in informing the recipients about the faxed messages and who they’re for.

When creating a fax cover letter or a fax cover page, make sure to include the following information:

Information about the sender and recipient

One of the main functions of a fax cover letter template is to give information about the sender and recipient of the fax message. Although this sheet isn’t a requirement, one that doesn’t contain the basic information might result in lost transmissions.

In some cases, the intended recipient of the document doesn’t receive the message right away. But having this information on the printable fax cover sheet ensures that the document will reach the intended recipient through the other employees. A lot of businesses create their templates with their logos and names already printed for easier and faster transmissions. 

Details about the document

Typically, a fax cover sheet template also contains space for the details about the document including the reason for sending it and information about the enclosed document. This is a very important part, especially when you frequently send a lot of urgent documents.

Page numbers and date

These details are also commonly included in a fax cover letter. They’re mainly used for accuracy and for recordkeeping purposes. The date proves that the sender had faxed the document on time which is important for when there are specific deadline submissions.

As for the page numbers, these are also very important to ensure that all documents are completely transmitted. With the page numbers, the recipient knows how many pages to expect as part of the whole message.

Additional information

There are also some cases where a fax cover page conveys security and privacy disclosures as part of certain documents. Financial institutions, legal offices, and government agencies are some examples of organizations which might have these disclosures on their fax cover letter template.

Such a statement would alert the recipient to the sensitive nature of the following documents. It also helps ensure the accountability of the recipient in terms of safeguarding confidential messages or documents. In some cases, faxes can even bind the recipient legally to regulatory or contractual requirements.

Blank Fax Cover Sheets 

Tips for creating your fax cover sheet 

Simple as it may seem, a well-made fax cover sheet helps make communication simpler while maintaining professionalism. You can download a fax cover sheet template online or create one on your own since it’s a very simple document. Either way, you can use the word processing software of your choice to customize the template.

Creating a template makes it easier for you to attach this sheet each time you need to fax a message or a document to another person. Include all of the basic elements along with spaces for any information the employees will input right before sending the sheet.

A printable fax cover sheet is very useful when you send faxes. Even though some businesses don’t see the relevance of this sheet, it helps ensure that the message gets to the hands of the appropriate person at the soonest possible time.

With this sheet, the sender also has the option to provide additional details about the message he/she sends. Here are some tips for you when creating your fax cover letter:

  • At the very top of the page, include a letterhead. You can make this letterhead for individual employees or for the company. Make sure to include the name of the individual or company, the business address, a contact number, the business’ fax number, and your email address.
  • A few lines down, type the date.
  • Type the name of the company, then the name of the company where you plan to send the fax to.
  • A few lines down, type “To” and the name of the recipient of the message or document.
  • A few more lines down, type “From” and the name of the sender.
  • Type the fax number of the recipient. Then type the page numbers making sure to include the fax cover page in the count.
  • Type “Notes” or “Details” then any other additional information you’d like to share with the recipient of the message.

Generic fax cover sheet 

Making and sending your fax cover sheet 

A fax cover letter template is a very simple document. Just like emailing, faxing messages and documents is both easy and effective. Simple and “outdated” as it may seem, a fax machine remains an essential device for communication. With a fax machine, it’s easy to send large documents to other employees or businesses.

Also, some people see faxes as a more professional way to communicate between businesses. When you send a document through a fax machine with your signature, the recipient views this as official. Therefore, it’s also important to create a printable fax cover sheet to accompany your documents.

We’ve already gone through the steps of creating your own fax cover sheet. Now let’s go through some steps to follow when sending this sheet along with your message:

  • Print out a blank sheet and prepare the document that you plan to send through the fax machine.
  • Input your name on the “To” section and the name of your recipient on the “From” section. Then write down your contact number and the number of the recipient on the sheet as well.
  • Count the number of pages your document has and add one to include your fax cover sheet template. In the appropriate field, write down the purpose of your fax message.
  • Include a fax reference number to ensure accuracy and to make it easier for you to keep a record of all the faxes you’re sending. If you’re sending an urgent document, make sure to indicate this somewhere in the sheet.
  • Write down any details or additional notes you want the recipient to read about the faxed document. Then insert the date you’re sending the fax at the very top.
  • When writing information on your cover sheet, make sure to print legibly and clearly to ensure that the recipient can read the information with ease. Use blue or black ink only as these colors transmit well through fax machines.
  • In case there are any issues with the transmitted documents, it’s best to include the recipient’s contact information on it, both phone numbers and email addresses. That way, even if the rest of the information on the document isn’t readable, the recipient can reach out to you for clarification.
  • Make sure that you know how to transmit fax messages through your company’s fax machine before sending. If it’s your first time, ask someone who knows how to use the device to help you.
  • Enter the number of the recipient on the keypad then press the start button of the machine to begin transmission. Send the pages of the document one at a time until you’ve completed all of the pages. Then you can call the recipient to confirm that he/she received the message.