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A last will and testament allows Arizonans to decide who will inherit their property. 

Arizona Last Will and Testament Template

What is a Last Will and Testament?

A last will and testament is a sworn statement signed by a person or testator that directs where assets and property will go after death. Wills can also designate guardians for children.

How Do You Make a Last Will and Testament in Arizona?

A will can be written by an attorney or with the help of a last will and testament template for Arizona online. Follow these steps to create a will in Arizona.

Consider Assets and Beneficiaries

First, decide what assets you will include in your will and who you would like to inherit them.

Designate an Executor

An executor will make sure that the directives in your Arizona last will and testament are followed.

Write Your Will

Arizona wills can be written by an attorney or by an individual. A last will and testament form for Arizona. Online will templates can make writing a last will and testament easy, especially if directives are not complex.

Sign Your Will

Arizona wills must be signed by the testator along with two witnesses who are not also beneficiaries. To change your will, the same procedure is used, whether to add a codicil to the existing will or to revoke the existing will and create a new one.

Will vs. Living Trust

Assets can be placed in a living trust and used during a person’s lifetime. The trust states who will inherit the assets. Unlike a will, a living trust does not require probate.

Will vs. Living Will

A living will states what a person’s health care wishes are before they are incapacitated. Often a living will template is included in a last will and testament template. 


You may still have questions about creating a will in Arizona. These frequently asked questions may help you.

For a will to be valid in Arizona, a testator must be 18 or older, of sound mind, and not under coercion to write the will. The will must be signed by the testator as well as two witnesses who are not listed as beneficiaries. Arizona has allowed electronic wills since 2019. 

Writing a will in Arizona can vary in cost, depending on the complexity of the document and whether an attorney is involved. A will template available online for free or at low cost can help Arizonans save by writing their own wills. 

Wills in Arizona only need to be notarized if they are self-proving, meaning that a testator’s signature will be recognized without the two witnesses being contacted. 

Yes, Arizonans can write their own wills, and online will templates can make it easier and less expensive.

Holographic, or handwritten, wills are legal in Arizona if the section listing gifts and beneficiaries is in the testator’s handwriting and the testator has signed the will. In this case, no witnesses are required.