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Although 54% of people in the United States carry a version of life insurance coverage, fewer have written a last will and testament.

A New Jersey last will and testament allows the testator, the person making out the will, to outline their last wishes and assign an executor to carry them out.

New Jersey Last Will and Testament Template

Do You Need a Last Will and Testament in New Jersey?

You are not legally required to have a last will and testament in New Jersey.

The advantage to having a will is that it gives the testator the opportunity to determine what happens to their estate upon their death.

An executor is a person you entrust to carry out the terms of your will, such as:

  • Disbursement of assets, bank accounts, insurance policies
  • Assign guardianship of minors
  • Provide care for your pets
  • Digital identity instructions
  • Donations to charitable foundations

An executor can be a family member, a friend, or a power of attorney who will see to the distribution of your estate.

What If You Die Without a Will in New Jersey?

A person is considered “intestate” if there is death without a legal will. The laws of intestacy get carried out by the court to distribute the deceased’s property. However, if there is no will, the estate will be left entirely to a spouse, then to surviving children.

If a person dies without a will and no family members can be found, the state of New Jersey will take ownership of the estate.

How Do You Make a Will in New Jersey?

You do not have to hire an expensive attorney to create a will in New Jersey. Once you have decided who will be the beneficiaries of your estate, you can fill out a last will and testament form online by answering the questions in the will template.

Signing Requirements

In New Jersey, a will must be signed by two witnesses over the age of 18 in the presence of the testator. Alternatively, the will can be signed by a notary in the presence of the testator.

Changing a Will

You can revise your will by writing a new will and testament and destroying the will it is replacing. It may be possible to add an amendment, or codicil, to your document if only single changes are being made.

New Jersey State Laws for Last Will and Testament

You must be the age of 18 before you can legally execute a will in New Jersey.


You can search for a last will and testament template online. Web-based legal forms can range between $49 – $149 with free unlimited changes to the will. A will prepared by an attorney can cost anywhere from $800 to thousands of dollars based on the complexity of your estate and the number of heirs. 

A last will and testament does not need to be notarized in New Jersey, although it would save the time and energy it would take to track down the two witnesses who signed the will.

A handwritten will is legal in New Jersey as long as it has been witnessed or notarized. A digital will (PDF) is not considered a legal document and must be printed and signed by witnesses or a notary in the presence of the testator.