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Creating a last will and testament is an essential part of life. If you have a will prepared, your loved ones will be able to separate your belongings according to your wishes. When you write a last will and testament, you do your family a favor and make a painful transition easier.

South Dakota Last Will and Testament Template

South Dakota Last Will and Testament Requirements

In South Dakota, there are some specific requirements for a will. It might be helpful or even necessary to hire a lawyer for complex wills. Some estates have multiple assets and beneficiaries, and legal advice could be beneficial.

However, it is possible to write a will on your own in South Dakota. You can find online last will and testament templates. As long as you have two non-beneficiary witnesses and an adequately signed will, the judges will accept it in South Dakota courts.

As a testator or creator of the will, your only requirements are to be of sound mind, at least 18 years old, and not under any undue pressure. If any of these things are not true, the South Dakota courts will overturn the will and distribute the assets as they see fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

A will is relatively easy to make but can be surprisingly complicated. The will template could be longer, depending on factors such as assets and beneficiaries. Here are some of the most common questions about a will in South Dakota.

The requirements for a valid will are as follows:

  • The testator must be of sound mind
  • The testator must be at least 18 years old
  • The testator must not be under undue influence
  • Two witnesses (non-beneficiaries) must be present and sign the will
  • The will must be a hard copy

You can create a free last will and testament if you do it on your own, but there are some costs involved if you want to make it less complicated for your loved ones. A notary has a small fee, and legal advice can be very pricey.

Wills do not need notarization in South Dakota. However, a notarization will make the South Dakota will easier to prove in a probate court. If you wish to make your will self-proving, you can take your will to a notary and negate the need for extra witnesses.

It is legal to write your own will in South Dakota. However, a self-written testament is more likely to be contested by the court. If you plan to write your own will, ensure that all the requirements are met, and the signatures are notarized.

Handwritten wills are legal in South Dakota as long as it is in the testator’s handwriting. You should follow the proper last will and testament form, and the signatures must be valid. Otherwise, a handwritten will is permissible.