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For many Alaskans, a power of attorney is a helpful tool. Whether you need somebody to act in your place for a financial transaction or help make decisions about your medical care due to illness or injury, an Alaska power of attorney could be your best option.

What is an Alaska Power of Attorney?

In Alaska, the power of attorney allows you to designate another party to make decisions on your behalf. You can complete the power of attorney forms on your own, but the state provides a booklet as guidance and free Alaska power of attorney forms.

Alaska Durable Power of Attorney

A durable power of attorney in Alaska allows you to specify the date or circumstance that put the document into effect and set an end date or situation for the powers. Further, the form details specific categories that the agent would have the ability to make decisions over, including real estate transactions, gifts, and banking transactions.

Note that while you can specify an end date or situation for a durable power of attorney in Alaska, it’s not required. In most states, durable power of attorney includes language that keeps the arrangement intact after a person is incapacitated.

Alaska General Power of Attorney

You can choose a general power of attorney in Alaska if you want to grant somebody the authority to make all decisions on your behalf. Of note, a general power of attorney ends when you die or become incapacitated.

Alaska Limited Power of Attorney

Also known as special power of attorney, you can give another person the authority to act on your behalf for a specific occurrence. For example, if you moved out of state, you could give somebody a special power of attorney to handle the sale of your home in Alaska.

Alaska Medical Power of Attorney

Alaska refers to a medical power of attorney as an advance health care directive. It’s a different form that allows you to dictate your health care instructions and name somebody else to handle medical decisions on your behalf.

Alaska Minor (Child) Power of Attorney

Alaska also features a provision for parents or guardians to give temporary custody of their child to another person. For example, if you were called to active military duty, you could leave your child with another relative. The relative would then have the power to make decisions for your child.

FAQs about Alaska Power of Attorney

In case you still have some questions about power of attorney in Alaska, these FAQs may help clear things up for you.

You must download and complete the appropriate power of attorney form in Alaska and sign the document in front of a notary. Provide the original, notarized version to your agent, but keep copies for yourself.

Complete the official, one-page document that revokes the power of attorney.

Any licensed notary can sign and seal a power of attorney form in Alaska.

Though some institutions may vary, Alaska usually requires you to sign the individual’s name, your name, and your status as POA. For example, “John Doe, by Jane Doe as POA.”