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Arizona power of attorney gives written and legal authorization for one individual to act on behalf of another individual in a variety of areas, including private, business, and legal affairs.

While the application can be very broad, any individual using an Arizona power of attorney form must adhere to the following:

  • Understand the nature and effect of signing
  • Sign the document willingly
  • Initial any/all required paragraphs
  • A notary and witness must sign the form
  • Witness cannot be the agent, agent’s spouse, or agent’s children
  • POA may be revoked/changed as long as principal is competent
  • Financial power of attorney must meet strict criteria

In the state of Arizona, you may use the power of attorney forms if you live in AZ, are at least 18 years old, and are of sound mind.

Arizona forms may not be valid in other states, however.

Arizona Durable Power of Attorney

The laws of Arizona durable power of attorney allow an individual in the state to appoint another individual to make critical life decisions for them, should they become unable to do so themselves.

AZ’s durable power of attorney laws require that individual to fall under these categories:

  • Legal adult
  • Capacity to understand the responsibility
  • Signed in the presence of one adult/notary public

You can use the free Arizona power of attorney forms listed below for each of the main sections of Arizona’s laws.

Arizona General Power of Attorney

The Arizona general power of attorney lets the principal appoint an agent (legal representative) to make decisions and operate on their behalf.

The agent will have authority based on the type of form signed, as well as the areas of power as described within the document. 

Arizona Limited Power of Attorney

The limited POA form in Arizona allows the principal to select an agent to handle specific financial operations for them.

The scope of these actions is outlined in the limited power of attorney Arizona form and can include real estate, banking, and other financial activities.

Arizona Medical Power of Attorney

Arizona medical power of attorney is also referred to as an Advance Directive and includes a

living will and end-of-life treatment plans.

In this form, the principal can decide what medical care is permissible in a variety of situations, as well as medical they wish not to receive should they become unable to make that decision. 

Arizona Minor (Child) Power of Attorney

The AZ minor power of attorney form permits a parent to assign responsibility of their child or children to another individual for up to six months.

A parent must sign this form in the presence of both a witness and a notary public.


Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions concerning these forms and laws in Arizona.

Yes. The Arizona motor vehicle division requires POA for an elected representative to handle the title and registration of a vehicle for another individual or company.

Arizona notaries can perform acknowledgments, jurats, oaths, affirmations, and copy certifications both in-person and online.

You can find a notary public on the State of Arizona’s website.