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A power of attorney is a legal document that grants an individual rights to make financial choices on your behalf. Whether you hire someone or find a free Georgia power of attorney, Georgia law requires an official document signed by you as well as two adult witnesses.

A POA doesn’t have to be an attorney. The following individuals are legally acceptable in Georgia:

  • Friends
  • Family members
  • Acquaintances

In short, anyone you designate who is of legal age can assume control of your personal business.

When researching a Georgia power of attorney, you’ll encounter five primary branches of this sector. According to how the document reads, it will either have a wide or limited range of legal authority. Consider these options when determining what’s best for your needs.

Georgia Durable Power of Attorney

Durable power refers to the authority you give someone to make end-of-life decisions on your behalf. According to Georgia law, your durable POA must consent to take on this role. They also must indicate whether they agree or refuse to consent to specific situations, such as withdrawal of life-sustaining procedures.

Georgia General Power of Attorney

A general power of attorney in Georgia permits an individual, called an “agent,” to represent you. The document gives the agent permission to represent you in all financial matters.

Georgia Limited Power of Attorney

By filling out a limited power of attorney form in Georgia, you’ll give someone specific instructions on how to act under particular scenarios. The person can only make choices for you according to what the document states.

Georgia Medical Power of Attorney

Using the Advance Directive for Health Care designed by the state of Georgia, medical POAs have the right to make any necessary decisions about your health care if you’re unable to do so yourself.

Georgia Minor (Child) Power of Attorney

A minor power of attorney allows a biological grandparent or step-grandparent to care for underage children if their parents are unable to. Reasons that parents may not be present include death or hardship.

Georgia Power of Attorney FAQs

Now let’s look at a few common questions about obtaining a Georgia power of attorney.

You can download a power of attorney form online. Alternatively, you can hire an attorney to make sure the wording is exactly to your needs.

You’ll need to complete a Revocation form and get it notarized in order to cancel your arrangement in Georgia. By law, you’re allowed to revoke your legal declaration at any time.

To get something notarized in Georgia, visit your bank, a AAA office, a law firm, or a real estate firm. You’ll need to bring your document and sign it in front of them. Two witnesses will need to be present to sign the form for the notarization to be binding.