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There are many responsibilities when caring for a loved one, including their finances. When your parent or elderly loved one becomes incapacitated, the Maine Power of Attorney is a legal document allowing an “agent” to act and make decisions on their behalf.

The agent designated by the principal can make financial decisions, give monetary gifts, decide healthcare procedures and treatments, and recommend a guardian or caregiver. The Maine Uniform Power of Attorney Act (§ 5-901) describes the powers of attorney and outlines all requirements.

Maine Durable Power of Attorney

The Maine Durable Power of Attorney mandates that the signed contract remains effective if the principal becomes debilitated. In Maine, the PoA is assumed to be durable unless specified otherwise. Having a durable power of attorney ensures someone will be able to make decisions for you if you are unable to.

Maine General Power of Attorney

The General Power of Attorney is a legal document in Maine that gives non-specific powers to the agent. This may include healthcare decisions, managing personal finances, and opening financial accounts for the principal. The general PoA contract terminates when the principal revokes the permission, becomes incapacitated, or passes away.

Maine Limited Power of Attorney

The Limited Power of Attorney form Maine is a document granting your agent specific or limited powers. For example, an agent can receive the authority to sell a real estate piece for a determined price. The document can also limit the time frame during which an agent can act.

Maine Medical Power of Attorney

The Medical Power of Attorney document allows you to choose a person you know and trust to make medical decisions if you become incapacitated. Medical decisions usually relate to your “person,” and may include consent for diagnostic procedures or medical treatments, arrangements for your care, and access to your protected health information.

Maine Minor (Child) Power of Attorney

The Minor Child Power of Attorney is a document provided by the parent of a minor that grants specific powers to a selected guardian or caregiver to care for the child in the event of their illness or absence. Parents do not lose their rights to their children but permit a guardian to provide complete care.


The best way to get PoA in Maine is to talk to an attorney for legal services. You may find free Maine power of attorney documents online, but it is recommended to have a lawyer draft them for you.

To revoke PoA, you need to type or write a statement that includes the following:

  • Your name and date
  • Your desire to revoke the document
  • The date you signed the original form
  • The person(s) named as your agent(s)
  • Your signature

To notarize a PoA form in Maine, the principal must sign the document with the date it goes into effect. Then a notary must imprint their seal or stamp on it.