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Most people use a Mississippi power of attorney form for one of two reasons: to assign an agent (attorney-in-fact) to make crucial decisions on behalf of someone (called a principal), or to plan for any incapacitation due to age, mental illness, or injury. The attorney-in-fact has general authority to manage the principal’s financial affairs as well.

When a principal selects an attorney-in-fact, they must make sure the candidate knows what they’re doing and is trustworthy. To get started, principals can download free Mississippi power of attorney forms online.

Mississippi Durable Power of Attorney

Durable power of attorney forms appoint an agent to handle finances in case the principal becomes incapacitated. The representative usually deals face-to-face with financial institutions, and an alternative agent fulfills their duties when they are not available.

Two important notes: if the principal’s spouse becomes their agent, the contract does not become void in case of divorce. Second: unless otherwise specified in the “Special instructions” form, a power of attorney takes effect immediately.

Mississippi General Power of Attorney

A general power of attorney form in Mississippi allows principals to appoint an attorney-in-fact to handle financial decisions on their behalf, such as real estate transactions, investments, file taxes, and more.

Such a contract is only voidable if a new power of attorney gets appointed, a revocation form is authorized, or upon the principal’s incapacitation or death.

Mississippi Limited Power of Attorney

A limited PoA form allows a principal to choose someone to handle a private or specific financial action, usually real estate sales.

The contract becomes void once the particular activity gets finished or when the contract expires.

Mississippi Medical Power of Attorney

Medical power of attorney documents here in Mississippi appoint a representative if the principal becomes incapacitated due to illness, old age, or injury. The selected representative, usually a spouse, relative, or friend, advocates for the principal’s views regarding medical treatments.

In case the principal finds themselves in an irreversible vegetative state, they can state which end-of-life medical procedure(s) they permit in the second part of the form.

Mississippi Minor (Child) Power of Attorney

Minor (child) power of attorney is a form that children’s parents or guardians complete, delegating guardianship powers over a minor child to a selected representative or agent.

The selected guardian can make decisions about education, health, care, and more, but this power of attorney form is only effective for one year. Things they do not have authority over are marriage, adoption, abortion, or parental rights termination.


To make things clearer about Mississippi power of attorney forms, we’ll answer a few common questions below.

To set up a power of attorney, both the principal and the agent need to fill out the corresponding forms. The principal can contact their lawyer to get started.

The principal needs to obtain a revocation power of attorney form, complete the form, and submit it to a notary for authorization.