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A Montana power of attorney (POA) helps alleviate your stress during times like an accident, illness, or temporary leave. It enables you to plan and take care of your finances, business decisions, and other life happenings when you are physically or mentally unable. Below, we examine the different elements of Montana power of attorney.

Montana Durable Power of Attorney

Montana’s durable power of attorney form allows the individual to name a representative to handle their financial transactions, business decisions, and assets. This document does not give permission to make choices on the principal’s healthcare.

The contract becomes active when the principal signs or is incapacitated. The durable POA will also remain active if the principal becomes incapacitated because of medical issues.

Montana General Power of Attorney

This document for Montana grants the agent power on financial or estate decisions during the principal’s absence. The principal decides which actions and responsibilities the agent can perform via the contract. Although the principal can receive unlimited power, the principal still reserves the right to tend to their finances.

Montana Limited Power of Attorney

This form for Montana delivers power to the agent to make decisions for a set amount of time. Limited POA is also beneficial for specific transactions related to real estate or other business matters, especially when the principal is on Military leave or vacation for a specific time. The principal also decides the range of tasks and authority the agents can carry out.

Montana Medical Power of Attorney

Montana’s medical POA document enables the principal to designate an agent to execute healthcare decisions if they are incapacitated. The form does not authorize financial decisions, but it can go toward making choices on healthcare treatment and procedures in any state.

Montana Minor (Child) Power of Attorney

Montana’s minor child POA form enables a parent to grant guardian powers to an agent, on behalf of the child. This document is useful when the primary guardian is incapacitated or needs to be absent temporarily from taking care of the child. In the state of Montana, the executed document is active for six months.

Montana Power of Attorney FAQs

For additional information on Montana’s power of attorney, see below for some other frequently asked questions.

The process of getting power of attorney in Montana is simple.

  • First, download one of the documents listed above
  • Enter the principal’s name, physical address, and phone number
  • Designate the success agents, in case the initial agent is unwilling or unable to serve, by outlining the name, address, and telephone number
  • Grant the general authority by reviewing what specific powers you would like to give the agent
  • List out any special instructions
  • Sign and notarize the document

A principal can revoke the acting agent’s power and authority at any time by executing the necessary document. Once the document is complete and delivered to the agent, it legally releases their power.

The notarizing process in Montana includes another straightforward set of steps, including:

  • The signer must be present to the notary during the notarization
  • Review and confirm the documents
  • Confirm the signer or signers
  • Determine and evaluate the willingness and competency
  • Prepare the journal record
  • Fulfill the notary certificate