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A power of attorney (POA) is assigned to make medical or financial decisions for someone who is otherwise unable to make them for themselves. South Dakota’s power of attorney is effective until such a time that the individual can make a decision made of sound mind.

A POA is assigned if someone has a serious medical procedure done, is elderly, has a diagnosis, or a terminal or degenerative disease. Your POA, or agent, should be willing to work on your behalf and with you – the principal – as their key priority. You can download free power of attorney forms online.

South Dakota Durable Power of Attorney

A durable power of attorney should be someone that you trust to make life-altering decisions on your behalf. The person assigned as the POA is referred to as the agent, and you are listed as the principal.

In the state of South Dakota, it is necessary to choose your agent carefully. This person will be making several decisions on your behalf. Therefore, they should be someone who knows you well, such as a family member or trusted friend. The decisions they will make on your behalf include:

  • Medical decisions
  • Life-saving or life-ending decisions
  • Selling of assets
  • Collect monies owed to you
  • Running your business
  • Make financial decisions
  • Listing real estate

South Dakota General Power of Attorney

This form permits a person chosen by the resident complete access to financial business-related dealings. Decisions made by the representative must benefit the one they represent. They may not make any decisions that will be of financial gain or benefit for themselves.

South Dakota Limited Power of Attorney

This form allows the attorney-in-fact, or representative, to deal with particular financial decisions on behalf of someone else. These powers will end once the particular dealing is complete.

South Dakota Medical Power of Attorney

A medical POA form in South Dakota gives the designated individual the power to make medical decisions on your behalf. The designated representative should be someone close to the individual, and one who shares the same medical and religious beliefs.

South Dakota Minor (Child) Power of Attorney

In South Dakota, the minor POA form is to give guardianship to the attorney-in-fact, who will then make decisions regarding healthcare and education for the child.

The minor power of attorney form is used when a parent can’t care for a child themselves due to illness, incarceration, or being out of the country for an extended time. This form grants the temporary minor power of attorney for a time of no more than six months.


Yes. If the person is of sound mind, they can change their power of attorney to someone else.

The responsibilities as the power of attorney end after a designated length of time, once the person returns from a trip, or once they pass away.

Yes. Having a power of attorney does not erase your rights to make your own decisions. You will have joint decision-making with your assigned representative, with the represented one having the final say.