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Alaska may seem like a barren frontier, but it has bureaucracy the same as any other state. Bills of sale are used for everything from purchasing construction equipment to livestock and detail the deal made between the buyer and the seller.

Alaskan laws are different from most other states in that ATVs, snowmobiles, and airplanes are vehicles that need to be registered with the state, similar to cars and trucks. Boats also have stricter laws requiring bills of sale for all water-bound vehicles.

Airplanes and airplane bills of sale are handled by the FAA, Federal Aviation Administration rather than the DMV.

Alaska General Bill of Sale

A general bill of sale is used for everything that isn’t covered by the other sections, equipment, clothing, whatever is changing hands between the buyer and the seller.

A general bill of sale is an excellent example of proof of purchase and using them helps simplify business dealings. That said, Alaska doesn’t require them, so it’s entirely up to the buyer and the seller if they want to create one.

Alaska Car Vehicle Bill of Sale

Car vehicles need to be registered within thirty days of purchase at the DMV, and one of the documents you’ll need is a vehicle bill of sale.

When writing your document, it requires the names and driver’s license numbers of both the buyer and the seller and the car details.

Alaska Motorcycle Bill of Sale

An Alaskan motorcycle bill of sale is similar to tone for a car. It requires most of the same information, but it also requires the buyer to have a motorcycle license to purchase.

Alaska Boat Bill of Sale

Boat bills of sale are registered with the DMV, unlike most states. Boat registration is still relatively new in Alaska, so if your boat did not come with a title, you can register for one.

The necessity of boats to get around the state is what drove this new registration process, making the selling of boats a lot like cars. You also need to specify whether you are selling the boat trailer or motor with the boat in your bill of sale.

Alaska Trailer Bill of Sale

Trailer bills of sale are in the same category as cars, where the specifics of the deal and trailer need to be registered with the DMV within thirty days of the transaction.

This exact procedure is used for motorized homes and campers, meaning all towed trailers and homes need to have titles and ownership registered with the state.

Alaska Firearm Bill of Sale

Alaska doesn’t require a firearm bill of sale for transactions involving firearms. However, it is illegal to sell guns to minors.

It’s a good idea to have one written up to prove transferral of ownership if said firearms end up somewhere unsavory.

Alaska Horse Bill of Sale

Alaska does not require bills of sale for horses and livestock. However, it’s still a good idea for transparency between the buyers.


Alaska is quite different from the lower 48 in terms of what is considered vehicles due to the vast, untamed wilderness. Some bills of sale, such as boats and ATVs, are required, and others like airplanes are more streamlined for access to rural areas.

Yes, they are required for vehicles including cars, trucks, trailers, ATVs, snowmobiles, boats, and airplanes. A general rule is that they are required for essential transportation methods throughout the state.

Ones for general sales, firearms, and horses are not required in this state. However, they’re still a good idea to register your property and ownership with the state.

Bills of sale include the full names of the buyer and seller, the amount the product was worth, a description of the product, driver’s license numbers, and more, depending on what is being sold.

No, they do not have to be notarized in Alaska, but you can feel free to get one notarized if you so choose.

No, they can only be on printed forms.