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A bill of sale document is an important proof of purchase document in Arizona that creates a legal record of the sale. It provides proof of ownership and can be used when selling or buying cars, boats, motorcycles, guns, or any other item.

Arizona General Bill of Sale

A general bill of sale is a document that can be used for any item. It is a generic boilerplate form, that allows the two parties to record the sale. It is an important piece of legal protection for both the buyer and the seller if any sort of legal dispute arises.

A typical general bill of sale will include at the minimum: the names of the parties involved, the price, a description of the item, the date, and signatures from both parties.

Arizona Car Vehicle Bill of Sale

The car vehicle bill of sale document is an official record that shows that the seller transfers ownership and title of a vehicle to a buyer. It will record the contact info from both parties, the date of sale, a detailed description of the vehicle (including make, model, year, color, odometer, etc),  VIN number, and the signatures from both parties.

The Arizona Office of Motor Vehicles requires that the document be signed in front of a notary or at an MVD office.

Arizona Motorcycle Bill of Sale

When selling or purchasing a motorcycle, use the motorcycle bill of sale form to record the sale. It is similar to a car bill of sale, in that it will document key information such as the odometer, male and model, color, etc. The Arizona Office of Motor Vehicles will require this form to be notarized before they will begin to do the title transfer paperwork.

Arizona Boat Bill of Sale

A boat or watercraft bill of sale needs to record the transfer of ownership from one party to another. Both parties have to sign the bill, and the buyer will need a copy for their records. The document will include details about the boat, the price, the party’s contact information, and the signatures of the two parties.

Arizona Trailer Bill of Sale

When buying or selling a trailer in Arizona, use a trailer bill of sale to record a transfer of ownership from one party to another when selling so that you have proper legal protection.

Arizona Firearm Bill of Sale

The firearm bill of sale document should be used when either selling or purchasing a firearm. According to ARS 13-3108, Arizona law does not require a firearm permit or registration, and you do not have to submit a bill of sale to the state after a transaction. However, it is wise to keep a firearm bill of sale in your records.

Arizona Horse Bill of Sale

The horse bill of sale or ‘equine’ bill of sale document can be used to record the transfer of ownership of a horse and provide proof of ownership for the buyer. It is common for a deposit to be put down before the sale pending a health inspection of the animal, and then if the parties decide to finalize the sale the deposit amount will be deducted from the final balance due.


It depends. It is required to have a bill of sale or sign over the title to register a vehicle or boat. You then need to register with the Arizona MVD office in your area. It is not required for a gun or most other private part sales. However, it is always a good idea to fill out a bill of sale for your records.

A bill of sale can be written in normal English, no need to worry about legal jargon. It does need to include a good description of the item being sold, as well as the date, the full legal names of the parties involved, the amount of the sale, and the signatures of all the parties.

No, it is not required to be notarized. However, a bill of sale in Arizona is required to have certain information on it depending on the item. To make sure you have the correct information in your bill of sale, use the forms available on our site.

Technically yes. Although it is rather rare to see in this digital age, as long as a bill of sale includes all of the pertinent information and required signatures it is a valid document.