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When two private individuals complete a large transaction, it will be beneficial, if not mandatory to complete a bill of sale in Florida. This is a straightforward document that records details of the item, the seller, and the buyer.

A bill of sale acts as a receipt to let the authorities know that your possession has changed hands. According to the Florida statute § 319.23 (2012), a valid vehicle bill of sale should contain a VIN or equivalent identification number, general descriptors, and signatures of both the seller and purchaser. A form of this document is required in transactions involving motor vehicles, boats, trailers, and even horses in this state.

Florida General Bill of Sale

In Florida, a general bill of sale serves as protection from liabilities. This type of contract proves the transparency of the transaction if the item or user later comes into question. Separate from Florida’s official bill of sale for vehicles and vessels, this version can be used for firearms, horses, or other valuable goods. The benefits of this form are that the terms outlined become binding on both parties, and can protect buyers and sellers.

Florida Car Vehicle Bill of Sale

Florida offers the HSMV form 82050 to serve as both the bill and notice of sale between two parties. This document is required by the state of Florida and does not replace a new certificate of title. Information on this document must include details about the vehicle and signatures from the buyer and seller.

Florida Motorcycle Bill of Sale

Motorcycle sales follow the same guidelines as cars and sellers will use the same form to complete the transaction.

Florida Boat Bill of Sale

Boat sales within Florida must complete the same 82050 form. Parties must specify details like the manufacturer, hull material, length, and other descriptors.

Florida Trailer Bill of Sale

The sale of a trailer in the state of Florida requires submission of form 82050 to provide identifying details and signatures of both parties.

Florida Firearm Bill of Sale

While submitting a bill of sale is not required for private gun sales in Florida, it is highly recommended as a precautionary measure. If a seller chooses to complete a bill of sale, a general form may be used as long as names, addresses, item description, price, terms, date, and signatures are provided.

Keep in mind that federal law only allows the transfer of firearms by a private individual to another private individual in the same state. Therefore, a Florida resident should only transfer a firearm to another Florida resident. To avoid any legal issues, the seller must reasonably believe that the recipient is an inhabitant of that state and meets all requirements for owning a firearm.

Florida Horse Bill of Sale

According to the Florida Administrative Code, as stated in rule 5H-26.004, horse sales within Florida require a bill of sale. This contract must include the name, known ancestry, and breed of the horse, the current age of the horse, and the date and purchase price. The document must also include signatures and quoted warranties of both the purchaser and owner.


In the case of a car, motorcycle, boat, trailer, or horse, yes, one is required. However, it is optional for firearms.

Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles provides a complete form specifying the necessary information. However, a handwritten or printed version that includes these details is also valid as long as it contains authentic signatures of both parties.

Florida does not require that you get your document notarized. However, this practice helps to ensure credibility and safety.

Yes, as long as all necessary information is included, this document can be handwritten. If you opt to handwrite your bill of sale, make sure you’re making copies of the original.