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A Hawaii bill of sale is necessary when private individuals are selling or trading their personal property. This document serves as a receipt, providing proof of ownership and that the transfer of property was uncoerced and legal.

You should always use a bill of sale in Hawaii when you are selling, buying, or trading property such as vehicles, boats, firearms, and livestock.

Hawaii General Bill of Sale

A Hawaii general bill of sale can be used to document the sale or transfer of any type of personal property between two individuals.

The form denotes the transfer of ownership and gives specific information about the property being traded or sold. Both the seller’s and purchaser’s signatures are necessary on the form, signed in the presence of a notary public.

Hawaii Car Bill of Sale

You need to fill out a Hawaii car bill of sale when you sell or transfer vehicle ownership. This serves as the receipt when the new owner goes to register the car with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

This document should include specific vehicle information including the make and model, along with the odometer reading.

Hawaii Motorcycle Bill of Sale

When it’s time to get rid of your bike, you need a Hawaii motorcycle bill of sale form. Similar to the transfer of ownership on a car, this document legally transfers ownership from yourself to the buyer. This is also necessary for trades. Without the form, the new owner cannot register the motorcycle with the state’s DMV office.

Hawaii Boat Bill of Sale

Motorized and sail-powered boats are considered vehicles in Hawaii. Whenever you sell, trade, or purchase a boat, a bill of sale is required.

The state also requires all Hawaii boat bills of sales to be notarized with both parties present and able to sign the form.

Hawaii Trailer Bill of Sale

You use a Hawaii trailer bill of sale to transfer and provide proof of ownership between two private parties.

This document is valid for most types of used trailers, except for ones used for boat towing. If you are buying or selling a boat trailer, you’ll follow the guidelines set in place for boats. Just like other property, this document must be notarized before it is legal.

Hawaii Firearm Bill of Sale

Filling out a Hawaii firearm bill of sale is legally required by both state and federal governments. You cannot legally sell, buy, or trade any type of firearm without the proper documentation.

Along with supplying all of the information in the form, the purchaser must also have a Permit to Acquire. You can pick the form up at the local sheriff’s office. You also need two witnesses for identification verification. The witnesses must also appear for the notary. 

Hawaii Horse Bill of Sale

You need a Hawaii horse bill of sale to transfer ownership between two private individuals. Information about the animal is required, along with signatures from both parties.

Again, this document is legally binding and includes all details of the transaction.


 A bill of sale is necessary for some purchases. It shows proof of ownership and is a requirement to register vehicles like cars, boats, and trailers. If you are selling or purchasing a firearm, both parties are legally required to keep copies of the document.

Writing a bill of sale is easy, but the forms differ depending on the item you are selling or transferring. Some of the general information you need includes:

  • Full legal names of the buyer and seller
  • Contact information including address, phone, and email
  • Date of the transaction
  • Driver’s license information for both parties
  • Information on the item

Both individuals also need to sign and date the document in front of a notary.

Yes. Most bills of sales also require the buyer and seller to sign the form in the presence of the notary.

Yes, you can handwrite your document in Hawaii, as long as it is properly filled out and notarized. The state also provides online forms you can print and fill out.