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An Iowa bill of sale is legal documentation that records the change in ownership of an item between two parties. Generally, people use these bills for the purchase and sale of motor vehicles. The bill of sale is also used for other assets such as guns, boats, horses, jewelry, and furniture.

The Iowa bill of sale aims to protect the buyer and the seller if something goes wrong after the sale.

As the laws for the bill of sale vary across the country, you need to use a form specific to Iowa if you are buying or selling an item in the state.

Iowa General Bill of Sale

The Iowa general bill of sale comprises a generic template that establishes the transfer of personal property from a private seller to an individual. It is a proof of purchase that you complete after selling a personal item.

After both the parties have signed the bill of sale, it is established that the seller has surrendered the ownership of the property and the buyer has accepted it in its current condition.

Iowa Car Vehicle Bill of Sale

An Iowa car bill of sale establishes the legal sale of a car from the buyer to the vehicle’s seller. A car vehicle bill of sale is not only used to disclose the current price and condition of the car but also for transferring the title of the car vehicle from the previous owner to the new owner. The purchaser will then register the car in their name using the necessary documentation.

Iowa Motorcycle Bill of Sale

The Iowa motor vehicle bill of sale is a document that serves as evidence for transferring ownership of a motorcycle from one individual to another. It contains information about the motorcycle and the terms of sale.

Iowa Boat Bill of Sale

The Iowa boat bill of sale is a form that verifies the contract between the seller and the buyer regarding the sale of a vessel.

This document contains stipulated information concerning the sale and other crucial data such as the buyer, seller, purchase price, and watercraft. This document must be presented during the registration process and provides legal proof of ownership transfer.

Iowa Trailer Bill of Sale

A trailer bill of sale creates a documented understanding of a sale transaction between a buyer and a seller of a trailer. For a trailer vehicle to be registered, the Department of Motor Vehicles requires the bill of sale. The bill protects both the buyer and the seller from any disagreements that may arise in the future regarding the sale.

Iowa Firearm Bill of Sale

An Iowa gun bill of sale is a form that the buyer and seller use to document the sale of the firearm or gun. Both the parties must fill the agreement with correct information regarding the exchange.

It is crucial to note that there is a sale related to a handgun, the buyer has to show the permit sanctioned by the state. In case the buyer violates the law, there will be a penalty.

Iowa Horse Bill of Sale

Iowa horse bill of sale is a legal document that carries the details of a transaction regarding a change of ownership of a horse. A deposit is needed if the animal has to undergo a health check-up before the purchase.


Here are a few quick questions and answers for Iowa residents.

A bill of sale is mandatory for transferring ownership of a vehicle and a boat. This bill is valuable in case of a legal dispute apart from serving as a proof of record for a sale transaction of a valuable item.

The bill of sale form must be completed once both parties have agreed to the transaction terms. If you sell an item other than a vehicle, boat, trailer, firearm, or horse, you can fill out a general bill of sale form. The general bill of sale requires details such as the information of buyer and seller, the item, price, date, and signatures.

The bill of sale need not be notarized necessarily. However, your county treasurer might ask you to get it notarized.

You can either use the bill of sale available at the Iowa State County Treasurer’s association or write up your own bill.