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A bill of sale is a document used to record the transfer of ownership of various items, either from a company or a private seller, most commonly used for vehicles or large pieces of personal property. Bills of sale are legally binding documents that record the transfer of ownership.

Nebraska has different bills of sale that pertain to what is being bought or sold. Specific guidelines for bills of sale are available here. There are several general bills of sale for commonly transferred items listed below. Every bill of sale must include essential information to document the transfer of ownership.

Nebraska General Bill of Sale

General bills of sale in Nebraska record the purchase of any non-regulated item. These documents will require a minimum amount of information, including the item itself, the price, the date of the purchase, contact information for the buyer and seller, and signatures from each party.

Nebraska Car Bill of Sale

Bills of sale for cars provide proof of title transfer from the seller to the buyer. They do not, however, constitute ownership of the vehicle. The title is required for this. The bill of sale solely documents the transfer. Using a bill of sale for car transactions eliminates the risk of being defrauded during the transaction process.

The state of Nebraska provides state-issued bills of sale for vehicles. The bill lists specific responsibilities for both the buyer and seller, which must be carried out for the transfer to occur. As stated by the official government page of Nebraska’s, Sarpy County, sellers also bear the responsibility of completing the Odometer Certification section of the bill.

Nebraska Motorcycle Bill of Sale

Bills of sale for motorcycles require personal information from the buyer and seller. A description of the motorcycle must also be present in the document. It must include the VIN, make, model, year, mileage, condition, and the selling price.

Nebraska Boat Bill of Sale

Nebraska has a general bill of sale for vessels, which includes motorboats, sailboats, and jet skis. Private sellers, however, need to create their forms which must include contact information for the buyer and seller, as well as information about the vessel itself.

Nebraska Trailer Bill of Sale

Nebraska’s bill of sale for trailers is specifically for trailers that can be towed behind a vehicle. Different types of trailers have specialized bills of sale specific to their model. These bills of sale must ensure that the trailer clears all claims.

Nebraska Gun Bill of Sale

Firearm bills of sale in Nebraska require more personal information about the buyer and seller than other types of bills of sale due to state firearm laws. They must include driver’s license numbers and the addresses of the buyer and seller. It is not required. However, it is highly encouraged to record the proof of purchase.

In addition, there must be confirmation that the buyer meets all prerequisites for purchasing a firearm. Some of these requirements include having no history of violence, no criminal record, and no record of mental health disorders.

Nebraska Horse Bill of Sale

Nebraska has specific bills of sale for transferring ownership of horses, too. These documents must include information from the buyer and seller and information about the horse. These records legally document who the owner is and act as an official record of transfer.


It is common for questions to come up when completing a bill of sale. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding a Nebraska bill of sale.

A Nebraska bill of sale document is available at the Nebraska DMV. The document is available free of charge at any DMV location or online.

A buyer or seller may decide to draft their bill of sale. The following information must appear in the bill of sale:

  • Printed names of all parties involved
  • Date of the transaction
  • Information specific to the item (this will vary depending on the item)
  • Price the item was sold for
  • Signatures from all parties involved
  • In some cases, a public notary is necessary

Bills of sale are required for any transaction from a private seller, most commonly used for sales of large vehicles or pieces of property. The seller can choose to draft their own or use the state-provided documents found above.

Transfers of ownership of vehicles or property issued by the state of Nebraska are legally obligated to take place within the state’s borders. As long as both the buyer and seller are within state lines, there are no further regulations about the location of the transfer.