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A bill of sale is needed anytime ownership of an asset is changed from one party to another. Cars, motorcycles, boats, horses, and guns are just a few examples of when this takes place. Properly documenting the sale protects both parties and has state-specific requirements.

Oregon General Bill of Sale

Oregon allows for a bill of sale to be written and signed without the additional requirement of a notary. The Oregon state government requires the completed document for all sales. Make sure also to file a transfer of title to complete the sale and prove ownership of the asset in question.

All that is required for a valid bill of sale is the information about the item and the contact information of the buyer and seller. The main point is identifying the asset in question and each person’s role in the transaction.

Everyone involved should keep an original copy of this document for their records to avoid future discrepancies.

Oregon Car Vehicle Bill of Sale

A bill of sale is required in Oregon when buying or selling a vehicle. This document records the transaction and will later be required for title and registration.

Filing this document is sufficient for proof of ownership and is the first step to completing a transfer of title and later registration of a vehicle. Successful completion ensures there won’t be any confusion down the road regarding who is responsible for the vehicle.

Writing this document for automobile transactions in Oregon is straightforward. Information needed to fill out the form includes:

  • The printed names and addresses of the buyer and seller.
  • The date of purchase.
  • The license plate number of the vehicle.
  • The VIN.
  • The make, model, year, and title number 

Oregon Motorcycle Bill of Sale

Writing a motorcycle bill of sale is similar to that of a car or other vehicle. You’ll need to include information about the buyer and seller, including names, phone numbers, and addresses. You should also list information about the motorcycle, including the make, model, model year, odometer reading, and any other pertinent information.

Oregon Boat Bill of Sale

Similar to the sale of a car, all transactions involving the change of ownership of a boat, boathouse, floating home, or other marine vessels require a bill of sale.

Boat owners have 30 days to report the change in ownership to the Oregon State Marine Board.

Oregon Trailer Bill of Sale

In Oregon, you don’t need to register trailers that have a loaded weight of 1800 pounds or less. No matter the size of the trailer, you should write a bill of sale when purchasing one. Include information about the buyer and seller, the make of the trailer, any identifying markers, and any potential defects.

Oregon Firearm Bill of Sale

Unlike other types, a firearm bill of sale requires notarization. Your document should list identifying information about the firearm, including its make, serial number, and caliber. Make sure you include information about the buyer and seller. This is essential, as it will protect both parties if the firearm is used for criminal activity.

It is legal to sell firearms privately in Oregon. The seller and buyer must work with a federally licensed gun dealer to perform a background check on the buyer before a change of ownership can occur.

Oregon Horse Bill of Sale

Purchasing a horse is no small expense. Whenever you sell or buy a horse, it’s recommended, though not required, to draw up a bill of sale. This way, there won’t be any questions as to who is responsible for the horse at any given time.

In your document, include information about the buyer and seller. Also include any information available about the horse, including:

  • Age
  • Parents
  • Breed
  • Identifying markers
  • Injuries or diseases
  • Licensures


Yes, for the sale of cars, boats, and firearms.

No, unless you are buying or selling a firearm privately.

Yes, your document can be handwritten. Make sure you’ve written down all the required information.