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A bill of sale is a document that illustrates a transaction between a buyer and a seller for any form of property. In Pennsylvania, various laws detail special circumstances around this document, including what information should be listed, whether it has to be notarized, and if the item in question must be formally registered with the proper authorities.

Always maintain multiple copies of the bill for your records. Keep reading for a breakdown of the different forms for the state of Pennsylvania, and when to use them.

Pennsylvania General Bill of Sale

This form verifies a transaction between a buyer and a seller in the transfer of personal property. This form is generic in the sense that it does not apply to a specific product, but can be used for any item.

This document is a receipt that establishes ownership, identifies the buyer and seller, outlines the financial details of the agreement, and serves as evidence should a dispute ever arise. Both the buyer and seller must list their contact information and sign the document after they have reviewed the content for accuracy.

Pennsylvania Car Vehicle Bill of Sale

In Pennsylvania, this document can provide some extra peace of mind to the new owner and seller alike. To access an example, you can check Pennsylvania’s DMV website’s fact sheet on Buying or Selling Your Vehicle in Pennsylvania.

This fact sheet also offers a checklist for both buyers and sellers to ensure they’ve got everything in order throughout the entire process. In Pennsylvania, both parties should meet with officials to finalize the title application, such as at a tag service, a motor vehicle dealer, or a notary public.

Pennsylvania Motorcycle Bill of Sale

This document details a transfer of ownership for a used motorcycle from one individual to another. The form typically includes the seller’s name and address, the buyer’s name and address, the amount paid for the motorcycle, and a description of the motorcycle at the time of purchase.

In the state of Pennsylvania, when the sale of a private motorcycle occurs, the motorcycle has to get registered at the Pennsylvania DMV. The buyer and the seller must be present to complete the transaction at their local PennDOT office.

Pennsylvania Boat Bill of Sale

This document is also the application to register the new boat. You’ll need to fill out the information about the boat’s make, intended use, and determine a local sales tax. The buyer and seller will also have to fill out detailed contact information before mailing the application.

It may be resourceful to do this form in duplicates to keep one for your records while waiting for the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission to process your application. If you need a temporary registration to enjoy the boat sooner, Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission can point you to the correct officials to receive one.

Pennsylvania Trailer Bill of Sale

Trailers fall under the same category as motor vehicles, and therefore, you must register the trailer at the DMV. When a seller transfers ownership they can sign the section on the back of the title labeled “Assignment” or “Transfer by Owner.”

Additionally, this record serves as proof that there was a cash exchange between two parties for this vehicle, and will be required at the time of registration to prove ownership. It is insurance against any claims made by either party in the future. The form will detail the condition of the trailer, both partie’s contact information, and the sales price.

Pennsylvania Firearm Bill of Sale

You can find Pennsylvania firearm bills of sale on the Pennsylvania State Police website. These forms are highly regulated, so they only offer an example online. To properly fill out the form, you’ll have to request one from the Pennsylvania State Police.

To request the document, you’ll have to fax or send mail. The website’s template does offer some helpful tips that you can familiarize yourself with before receiving the form, so filling it out will be easier.

Pennsylvania Horse Bill of Sale

When purchasing a horse in Pennsylvania, this document is not only useful to prove who owns the horse, but for financial reasons as well. The form will include the seller’s name and address, how much they are selling the horse for, and a detailed description of the horse.

If the horse has to have a physical exam before being sold, the buyer may require a deposit, which will be stated on the document. This deposit should be deducted from the total cost of the horse. Once the animal is declared healthy, both parties can proceed with signing the form and getting it notarized, if required by your county.

Pennsylvania Bill of Sale FAQs

Here are a few tips regarding the rules and regulations in Pennsylvania:

You are not required to get this document for motor vehicles in Pennsylvania. They’re still a smart option to keep your records up to date and ensure that you have proof if any other steps along the way encounter issues.

You must have one for firearms in Pennsylvania, and they have to be requested directly from the Pennsylvania State Police. Additionally, the boat document in Pennsylvania is just part of the registration process for boat ownership and is therefore required.

The official templates above can guide you when writing a bill of sale in Pennsylvania. However, if you’d like a general way to write one, you can follow these easy steps:

  1. Record both the buyer and seller’s contact information: Names, addresses, and phone numbers.
  2. Include the date of purchase.
  3. Write out important information about the property: Identification numbers, registration numbers, or other relevant factors such as condition.
  4. Fill in details about the price of the item.
  5. Both the buyer and seller should sign this document.

You do not need notarization in Pennsylvania. However, when you buy a vehicle, the seller’s signature has to be notarized on the title documents.

Yes, in most cases, it can be handwritten in Pennsylvania.

However, the firearm document in Pennsylvania is highly regulated, so you must request it from the Pennsylvania State Police. This template can be hand filled out, but a citizen cannot create one.