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A Washington Bill of Sale consists of written documentation that attests to a buyer’s purchase of property from a seller. This document usually includes both parties’ contact information, a description of the item sold, warranties, and any sale conditions.

Additionally, a bill of sale includes the date of transfer, price, and both parties signatures. In other words, this document is similar to a receipt, and in Washington, it is appropriate to have one whether you are purchasing a horse, firearm, or vehicle.

Washington General Bill of Sale

A Washington general bill of sale will be prepared by a seller to give to the buyer or trader. The document will act as proof of a transaction between individuals or entities. For any exchange or property that has value, whether perceived or monetary, it’s highly recommended that both parties draft a document to prove the sale occurred.

This document will require notarization, and no signatures should be entered until the services of a notary are kept for witness and authentication.

Washington Car Vehicle Bill of Sale

It is required to have a bill of sale for any transaction of vehicles between two parties.

This document will require information about the car, contact information of parties, sale date, price, and signature. Additionally, this document requires the seller to submit a completed Report of Sale within 5 days from the date of sale.

Sellers can report the sale in person at any DMV in the state, on the Washington government website, or through the mail. Sellers must include a required fee in a check or money order, made payable to the Department of Licensing.

Washington Motorcycle Bill of Sale

A Washington motorcycle bill of sale will use the same guidelines listed for cars and other motor vehicles and follow the same procedure.

Washington Boat Bill of Sale

A Washington boat bill of sale is similar to that of a vehicle. Washington requires this document for any motor transaction between two parties.

Washington requires you to list the location of sale, contact information of parties, date, and payment type. Additionally, the seller and buyer must go through the same process of submitting the document to the government.

Washington Trailer Bill of Sale

A Washington trailer bill of sale requires contact information of both purchase and seller, trailer, and price.

Both the seller and buyer must follow the same process as that of a motor vehicle for notifying the government about the sale and transaction. Completing this process as soon as possible will

Washington Firearm Bill of Sale

Washington requires a bill of sale for any transaction of selling, purchasing, or trading a pistol or long gun. This document requires both parties’ contact information, description of the gun in subject, sales price, and signature of buyer and seller.

A person does not need a firearms dealer license to privately sell a firearm in Washington. However, the seller must use a licensed dealer to conduct the required federal background check on the potential buyer.

Washington Horse Bill of Sale

Like other bills of sale, this document provides transaction details and acts as proof of the transaction and money exchange. It must include information such as identifying markers, the breed of the horse, its sex, and any other health concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Washington requires this document for all transactions.

Yes, Washington requires that these documents are notarized. Having your bill of sale notarized provides a layer of protection in the event of a lawsuit or other legal event.

Yes, you can handwrite your document in Washington. However, it’s advisable to type your copy instead, so it’s legible and simple to create multiple copies. If you still opt to handwrite your bill of sale, make sure it’s neat and easy to read, and ensure you’re photocopying your original document.