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Different states have different requirements for situations that require a sales agreement form. The purpose of this document is to have an official form outlining the terms of a sale that occurs between two individuals. A West Virginia bill of sale is only required by the state in specific instances involving the private sale of vehicles, boats, or trailers.

Even if it isn’t required, it can be an easy way to ensure both parties involved in the sale of high-value property are protected.

West Virginia General Bill of Sale

You can use this form for any transaction between two people in which you feel the need to document the sale’s details. Because a general form is universal and not specific to any property exchange, you can use it for any high-value item exchange outside of motor vehicles or trailers in West Virginia. 

There is no legal requirement to use a general sales form in West Virginia, regardless of the value of the item that you are selling. Use a general sales agreement to protect yourself and the buyer if there are any discrepancies regarding the transaction after completion.  

West Virginia Car Vehicle Bill of Sale

A West Virginia car bill of sale is only a requirement if the vehicle sells for less than 50 percent of the NADA Clean Loan Book value. You must notarize the document for state registration if the vehicle sells for less than the NADA Clean Loan Book value.

In all other circumstances, this form is not required but can be a great way to officially document the details of the sale for later reference.

West Virginia Motorcycle Bill of Sale

In West Virginia, the laws regarding a sales slip for motorcycles follow the same protocol as cars. If you are selling a motorcycle in West Virginia, you can use the form found on the state’s DMV website.

A sales document is only legally required in West Virginia if you’re selling the motorcycle for less than 50 percent of the NADA Clean Loan Book value.

West Virginia Boat Bill of Sale

If you’re selling a boat in West Virginia as a private seller, you’ll need to follow the laws as a motor vehicle sales form. If the sale price is undervalued, the document will need to be notarized. 

West Virginia Trailer Bill of Sale

A trailer is classified as a motor vehicle in West Virginia if you intend to use it on public roads. You need to document a trailer sale with a bill of sale if it is being sold for less than half of its established value.

You can use the same template for a motor vehicle sales form from the West Virginia DMV website to document the sale of your trailer. 

West Virginia Firearm Bill of Sale

A West Virginal gun bill of sale is not a legal requirement. The sale can only occur between two state residents of legal age to own a firearm.

Use a sales document for legal protection after the firearm has left your possession if you are participating in the private sale of a firearm in West Virginia. It should include the personal information of all involved in the transaction. It should also have a description of the firearm with the serial number listed.

West Virginia Horse Bill of Sale

The sale of livestock or horses in West Virginia does not require an official sales form. Include a detailed description of the horse, the date of the sale, and the signatures of both parties involved to officially document the sale.

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West Virginia residents should also read the questions below before submitting any legal documents.

You need this document if you sell a motor vehicle, boat, or trailer for less than 50 percent of the NADA Clean Loan Book value.

Use the template provided by the West Virginia DMV to handwrite your form. Don’t skip any of the sections included.

You must notarize it for all motor vehicles sold for less than half of their listed value. 

It can be handwritten in West Virginia, as long as it includes all required information.