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Idaho deed forms transfer property between sellers and buyers. Different types of transfers require separate Idaho property deeds, including:

  • Idaho Warranty Deed
  • Idaho Quit Claim Deed
  • Idaho Special Warranty Deed
  • Idaho Deed of Trust

By understanding when to use each form, one can create an official notice about who owns a property and whether its interest gets transferred.

Keep in mind that the recording of all Idaho deed forms must occur at the County Recorder’s Office of the county with the property. Also, the signing needs to happen before a notary public.

Idaho General Warranty Deed

An Idaho general warranty deed guarantees that the seller has the title, interest, and right to the property, meaning they can legally sell the property to a buyer.

The Idaho warranty deed proves that real estate belongs to the seller and is free from claims and liens that could prevent one from buying it.

Idaho Quitclaim Deed

An Idaho quitclaim deed does not guarantee that a seller has the legal authority to sell a property. Instead, it says that the seller must sell their interest to the buyer.

Generally, an Idaho quit claim deed is an informal arrangement because it conveys minimal official information. If someone you aren’t related to offers a quitclaim deed form, you should go to the county recorder’s office and perform a title search.

Idaho Special Warranty Deed

An Idaho special warranty deed lands between warranty and quitclaim. The seller guarantees that they did not transfer interest to someone else because of their ownership. However, they do not prove that there wasn’t a transfer from people who owned it before them.

Unless you are presented with an Idaho special warranty deed form by a trusted family member, you should conduct a title search to learn more about the property.

Idaho Deed of Trust

An Idaho deed of trust records mortgage interest. The property cannot be sold without paying off the loan by registering this information at the county recorder’s office. A deed of trust gives notice to future buyers and lenders that the property has a preexisting mortgage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs concerning Idaho property deed forms.

You can get a deed in Idaho by filling out a deed, recording it at the county recorder’s office, and signing it in front of a notary public.

One can get a deed in Idaho by finding the right deed online or at the county recorder’s office. Make sure you choose one that both the buyer and seller are comfortable with.

Recording a deed in Ada County, Idaho costs:

  • $15 for general warranty, special warranty, and quitclaim deeds
  • $45 for deeds of trust

However, you will encounter extra fees from transferring the deed. The total costs will likely be $30 to $150.

The grantor and grantee (seller and buyer) will need to prepare the deed together as they must be present for the signing before the notary public.