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Deed forms are legal instruments that confirm or affirm the rights to properties. On deeds, in Louisiana, signatures are required from all grantors that are involved. In order to make a deed an authentic act in Louisiana, the deed must be signed by both parties involved, a notary and two witnesses. You can also under private signature; the same conditions apply.

The property transfer takes effect once the deed is filed for registry in the Louisiana Clerks of Court Office.

Louisiana General Warranty Deed

A general warranty deed is a legal contract that transfers the current property from the owner to a new owner. The term “general” distinguishes this type of deed from other deeds with a limited warranty, such as special warranty, statutory warranty, or limited warranty deeds.

In Louisiana, the first person to record a deed holds priority of ownership.

Louisiana Quit Claim Deed

A Louisiana quitclaim deed is a customary form for conveyance in the state of Louisiana. Those who are of legal age can enter conveyance of real property. Community or separate property can be conveyed in this manner. The state has no ownership of real property; this depends on the manner in how the property is held.

Louisiana Special Warranty Deed

A special warranty deed protects the grantee against potential property title defects. Defects may arise from actions or omissions from the property owner.

Louisiana Deed of Trust

The State of Louisiana does not allow or recognize deeds of trust. Instead, the parties need to sign a mortgage agreement. Through a mortgage agreement, the buyer ensures that they will pay the total amount that the parties agree on for the property.

Louisiana Property Deed

A property deed is a contract transferred by the owner to the transferee. Any real or immovable property can be made transferrable by authentic act or under private signature which is duly acknowledged. There must be two witnesses, and each party must sign the deed to make it a legal contract.


Here are the most common questions about Louisiana deed forms and their answers.

Draft up a deed, including the names of the property grantor, and include the signatures of the new owner, and include two witnesses and a notary. Include the price and property description. The land records office in Louisiana can assist with property description. There is a cost to file a deed.

Search the Louisiana Land Records and Deeds Directory to see if your deed is accessible online.

The cost of filing a deed varies according to parish and page count. For a document with 1-5 pages, you can expect to pay between $100 and $140.

Deeds can be completed by anyone, and deed forms are available online. It is crucial that both parties, a notary and two witnesses sign to make it legal.