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A Washington deed form is a document that shows the transfer of property between the buyer and the seller in the State of Washington.

The State of Washington has many laws that must be considered when crafting a property deed, such as that deed of trust is subject to all laws relating to mortgages on real property.

Washington General Warranty Deed

A Washington general warranty deed guarantees that the buyer is now in complete ownership of the property. No special circumstances can rescind the property from the buyer’s possession; no liens, encumbrances, or defective titles exist.

Washington Quitclaim Deed

A Washington quitclaim deed is a transfer form that allows a seller and buyer to transfer property without any guarantee or covenants to the transfer.

Drafting a quitclaim deed is most prevalent when gifting property to an ex-spouse or another family member.

Washington Special Warranty Deed

A Washington special warranty deed provides a limited warranty of title. Unlike a general warranty where there is an unlimited warranty on the property that is transferred, a Washington special warranty deed limits the warranty period that the grantor is responsible for the property.

The warranty also says that the grantor is only responsible for their property ownership but not for title issues that arose before they owned the property.


Washington Deed of Trust

The Washington deed of trust is an official document and a real estate tool that allows the lender to give the security title to a trustee until the borrower fulfills the monetary conditions and repays the lender according to determined terms.

In this sense, a Washington deed of trust is like a mortgage in that there is a debt to be paid for real estate. In this case, however, the title falls for a third person (whereas a mortgage only includes the borrower and the lender).


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about Washington deed forms.

To transfer a deed, you can hire a real estate lawyer or complete the transfer independently.

To proceed without a lawyer, you first must download a form that pertains to Washington and the county where your property is located. You then must draft the deed and then have the deed signed by a notary.

Typically you need to hire the services of an attorney to write up a Washington property deed. Some websites auto-generate deeds for a price, but your safest bet is to hire a certified professional.

Typically it can cost anywhere from $100 – $250 to transfer a deed in Washington. However, that is just the transfer cost – if you hire a lawyer, those fees can cost upwards of 500 dollars.

Technically anyone can prepare a deed in the state of Washington. However, most deeds are created by a party involved in the transaction or someone acting on behalf of one of the parties, such as a title agency or an attorney.