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The law allows residents of the Magnolia State to write their own Mississippi last will and testament to direct where their assets and property will go after death. The requirements are stated under Title 91 of the Mississippi Code, specifically Chapter 5. Wills and Testaments.

Mississippi Last Will and Testament Template

What Is a Last Will and Testament?  

A last will and testament is signed by a testator, or individual, to state final wishes regarding property, guardians for children and more.  

How Do You Make a Last Will and Testament?  

To create a Mississippi last will and testament, follow these tips.  

Property and Beneficiaries  

The first step in creating a will is to decide which assets you want to include and who you would like to inherit them.  

Name an Executor  

An executor will make sure that the directives in your Mississippi will are followed as specified. This person is usually someone the testator trusts and can be a relative or close friend. 

Write Your Will  

A free last will and testament form for a Mississippi will make it easier to write. In some circumstances, oral wills are recognized in Mississippi. 

Mississippi wills must be signed by the testator along with two witnesses who are disinterested and not beneficiaries.

Will vs. Living Trust  

Assets can be placed in a living trust and used while the owner is living. The trust states who will inherit the property and doesn’t require probate.  

Will vs. Living Will  

A person’s health care wishes are stated in a living will. Often a living will template is included in a will template for Mississippi.   


You may still have questions about creating a will in Mississippi. These frequently asked questions may help.  

For a will to be valid in Mississippi, a testator must be 18 or older and of sound mind. The will must be signed by the testator as well as two disinterested witnesses. 

A Mississippi will can be revoked or changed with the writing of a new will or by adding a codicil to amend an existing will. Changes in your life such as marriage, the birth of children, or the purchase of property can make writing a new will a necessity. 

Writing a will in Mississippi can vary in cost, depending on complexity and if an attorney is used. A will template available online can help Mississippians write wills on their own. 

No, Mississippi wills do not need to be notarized unless they are self-proving, meaning that the signature of the testator is recognized without the witnesses being contacted. 

Yes, Mississippi residents can write their own wills. Online last will and testament templates for Mississippi can make the process easier. 

Handwritten wills are legal in Mississippi if they are written, dated, and signed as a testament instead of as a personal letter.