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A Missouri last will and testament provide directives for how the testator’s estate will be allocated after their death, including financial accounts, personal property, insurance policies, fiduciary assets, and several other properties or assets.

The beneficiaries typically include the testator’s spouse, children, blood relatives, friends, and charities. However, the testator can choose any beneficiary or charitable organization to inherit their property and assets.

Without a last will and testament, the state’s laws determine who will inherit the assets.

Missouri Last Will and Testament Template

How to Write Missouri Last Will and Testament

  1. Complete Testator Information

    The testator includes the following information on the legal document:

    Legal name
    Review the remainder of the paragraph
    Review “Expenses and Taxes” section

  2. Nominate a Representative

    The representative, or executor, must be of sound mind and is typically a trusted individual.

    Full name of the chosen executor
    Name of executor’s city
    State of residence

    The testator then provides information for an alternate executor in the event the primary executor cannot fulfill their duties:

    Full name of alternate executor
    Name of executor’s city
    State of residence

  3. Disposition of Property

    Information of beneficiaries:

    Full legal name
    Current address
    Relation to testator
    Last four digits of their SSN
    List or description of the property being bequeathed

  4. Review

    Testator reviews the following:

    Discretionary Powers of Personal Representative
    Contesting Beneficiary
    Guardian Ad Litem Not Required
    Governing Law
    Binding Arrangement

  5. Witnesses/Signatures

    The witnesses must be present when the testator signs the document, review the brief statement and provide their information on the document.

    Provide testator’s full name
    Date of testator’s signature
    Signature of testator
    Printed name of testator

    Witnesses Section (for both Witness 1 and 2)

    Date document
    Provide name of testator
    Witness signature
    Witness address

  6. Testament Affidavit

    The testator and both witnesses must review the legal document and then provide the following information:

    Name of testator
    Name of Witness 1
    Name of Witness 2
    Testator Signature
    Witness 1 Signature
    Witness 2 Signature


It is required for the testator to sign the legal document in front of two competent witnesses and include both witnesses’ signatures to make it valid.

In Missouri, you do not need to notarize, but the testator may have the will’s legality acknowledged by a state-authorized notary. 

If written by an attorney, it can cost about $100 per last will and testament form. You can also use a template or find a free Missouri document. The will template Missouri must be from a legitimate legal or state website.

If you are 18 years or older, you can write your own will in the state of Missouri.

Emancipated minors are also legally permitted to write their own will. However, it still requires the presence and signatures of two witnesses of sound mind 18 years or older to make it a legal document. As long as it meets all of Missouri’s legal requirements, anyone can create their own. That means it may be handwritten if signed in the presence of two witnesses and includes the signatures of both witnesses.