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A Nebraska last will and testament is a written statement of instructions describing what someone wants to be done with their property and estate after they die.

An estate can include real estate, personal property, digital assets, financial accounts, and fiduciary funds. Beneficiaries are the people who will receive part or parts of the estate according to the will.

The creator of the will, or the testator, can appoint new guardians for children through the power of the will. These wills and testaments can also discuss the future care of spouses and pets. The testator can also select an executor to carry out the wishes of their will.

Nebraska Last Will and Testament Template

How to Make a Last Will and Testament in Nebraska

Making a last will and testament in Nebraska is more involved than just writing your wishes on paper.

A last will and testament form for Nebraska will include the below details. A free last will and testament template for Nebraska should include the following:

  • Name of testator and date executed as official
  • Naming of an executor, or someone selected to carry out the wishes of the deceased
  • Details of how the testator would like their property and assets distributed
  • Two signatures and addresses from people unassociated with the will who saw the testator sign and date their will

A notary is optional and not required for a will template in Nebraska.

What To Do Next With a Nebraska Last Will

A Nebraska last will and testament will pass through several hands before it is deemed acceptable and ready to be executed.

First, the Nebraska will should be filed in the Surrogate’s Court and admitted for probate. The death certificate and a probate petition must be included for the will to move forward in court.

Questions about the process and the choice to submit documents for a Nebraska will can be found online at the Legal Resources page for all Nebraska courts.

Once the judge of the surrogate’s court approves the will, the executor named in the will can begin distributing the estate per the wishes of the testator.


What are the requirements for a will to be valid in Nebraska?

A Nebraska will must be in writing, dated, and signed by the maker of the Will, who was in a sound mind when creating the will. There must also be two witnesses’ signatures and addresses at the bottom of the will to testify the will’s validity.

Since it is not required to use a lawyer or have a notary for your last will and testament in Nebraska, it does not have to cost a lot to create your will. If you have a large number of assets or property to distribute, it could cost up to $1,200 for the cost of a lawyer.

No, a will does not need to be notarized in Nebraska to be valid.

Yes, you can write your own will in Nebraska if you like. Follow the Nebraska free last will and testament template linked above to ensure all necessary information is included

As long as the will has proper witnesses and information, it can still be accepted as valid in the courts of Nebraska.