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A Nevada last will and testament is a legally binding document that settles your estate after your death. It directs the distribution of your property and who will care for minor children. You name an executor or administrator who will settle your estate for you.

Your will must be filed by the executor or administrator with the local probate court within 30 days of your death. (N.R.S. 133.020)

Nevada Last Will and Testament Template

Requirements for a Valid Will in Nevada

There are requirements for both the maker of the will or “testator” and the will document.

The Testator:

  • Must be of sound mind at the time of signing
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must appoint an executor or administrator

The Will:

  • Must be in writing and signed by the testator
  • Must be signed by two competent witnesses
  • Must dispose of the testator’s debts from his or her estate.


The cost of creating a will in Nevada varies depending on your situation. There are some standard court fees that everyone pays for filing papers and court proceedings.

If you use a website to generate your documents, there are usually fees.

If you hire an attorney their fees can vary widely. Some will charge by the hour and others will charge a flat rate. A flat rate will typically be between 2-4% of the estate value.

No. Your will can be legal and valid in Nevada without being notarized.

You will only need a notary if you want your will to be “self-proving.” Having a self-proving will speed up the process through probate court because they will not need to contact your witnesses. In this case, your witnesses must sign and notarize a separate affidavit or sign under penalty of perjury.

In a self-proving will, the witnesses will attest:

  • They signed your will in your presence and each other’s presence
  • You appeared to be of sound mind
  • You signed the will in their presence
  • You declared that the document is your last will and testament

Yes. You do not need a lawyer to write your will in Nevada. You can use an online legal document service or find a free last will and testament template. The lawyer will ask you the same questions as the forms online and file your paperwork for you.

You might consider getting legal assistance in certain situations. If you have a child with special needs who will require ongoing care in your absence or your net worth is over $10 million, an attorney can help you navigate your unique circumstances. 

Yes, a handwritten will is legal in Nevada if written and signed by the testator. (N.R.S. 133.090.) This is called a “holographic will.” You risk having a will invalidated by not fulfilling all the requirements when it is handwritten. Holographic wills do not require two witnesses.