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A California power of attorney is helpful in multiple situations, from medical care to help with financial affairs. Knowing the different power of attorney options available and how to get them can help you decide which is best for you. Then, you can find someone you trust to act as your agent.

California Durable Power of Attorney

Even when the principal becomes unable to manage their business, a durable power of attorney in California will be in effect. For this to be the case, your free California power of attorney form must state that you still grant powers to your agent if you become incapacitated.

California General Power of Attorney

A general power of attorney works similarly to a durable power of attorney. However, the agreement becomes invalid if the principal becomes incapacitated. The agreement will not contain a statement granting powers to the agent after incapacitation.

California Limited Power of Attorney

A limited power of attorney in California grants an agent the power to do a specific thing for the principal. You can determine what you need your agent to do for you, such as purchase a home or get a car. When you fill out a power of attorney form in California, you can determine which permissions you want to grant to your agent.

California Medical Power of Attorney

A medical power of attorney in California also goes by the name of an Advanced Directive. It is a type of power of attorney that focuses on making medical decisions if you can’t do so. Your power of attorney can decide to accept or deny treatment for you.

California Minor (Child) Power of Attorney

If you have a minor child, you can also get a guardianship power of attorney in California. You can grant temporary guardianship to someone you trust. The person will be able to take care of your child and make decisions when it comes to your child’s education and medical care.


Even if you know what free California power of attorney form you need, you may still have questions about the process. Consider these common issues and their solutions.

You will need to fill out a power of attorney form in California to start the process. Both you, the principal, and your agent will need to sign the form. You can outline the powers you will grant your agent and whether it will be durable or not.

You can use a Revocation of Power of Attorney form to end a California power of attorney, which you will need to sign in front of a notary. However, you can also revoke a power of attorney by giving it an end date when you create the agreement. If you become incapacitated, that will also automatically revoke a general power of attorney.

You will need to visit a notary at a bank or another institution, or you can find an individual notary. In California, your notary will watch you sign and ask for your thumbprint to help certify the signing.