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The North Dakota Power of Attorney(PoA) remains unchanged since 1995. Although under North Dakota law, the legal authority given to one person by another is explicit in a PoA and is regulated under the North Dakota Power of Attorney Act.

North Dakota Durable Power of Attorney

The laws on a PoA in North Dakota apply to the agent given the legal authority to make financial decisions. Although, healthcare decisions fall under a different power of attorney form in North Dakota, known as a medical power of attorney.

Under a durable North Datoka PoA, the agent who also agreed to act as your legal authority can only do so if and “when the principal becomes disabled or incapacitated.” The authorization warrants them to perform a function on your behalf. In short, a durable power of attorney gives the ‘agent’ legal authorization to become your decision-maker on your behalf.

North Dakota General Power of Attorney

North Dakota power of attorney is also a General Durable Power of Attorney. If the principal can no longer make decisions independently due to a disability or illness, their agent will step in to make those decisions.

North Dakota Limited Power of Attorney

A Limited PoA allows the portfolio manager to sell or purchase assets, pay fees, and handle any necessary forms. However, they are unable to withdraw funds or change beneficiaries on the behalf of the principal.

North Dakota Medical Power of Attorney

A medical power of attorney or health care directive is an independent PoA. Under North Dakota law, principals should be of “sound mind” to comprehend an agent’s responsibility under a medical PoA.

North Dakota Minor (Child) Power of Attorney

A minor power of attorney North Datoka works when a parent, or legal guardian, permits another person to make choices or decisions on behalf of them for their children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions that many people have when it comes to a power of attorney include the following:

North Dakota offers its citizens a means to acquire a free North Dakota power of attorney. In order to get a PoA, you must fill out the proper form and have it official recognized by the state.

North Dakota does not require that a PoA be notarized. It is generally a good idea in the interest of all parties signing, witnessing, and acknowledging the responsibilities as it makes the form official.

Under North Dakota law, a Poa is revocable by the principal at any time as long as it is in writing and of sound mind.

In order to revoke the PoA, the principal must provide, in writing, the revocation, which they will then give to the attorney-in-fact, and anyone else who has been given a copy of the PoA form.

If possible, the principle should also collect and destroy all copies of the PoA form after it is revoked.

If you’re looking to assign someone—a friend or a family member—as your legal agent, an excellent place to start is talking with a lawyer about what you’re looking to accomplish with a North Dakota PoA.

Although it is not a requirement for you to talk with a North Dakota attorney, it just makes good sense to speak to an expert to understand the new North Dakota Power of Attorney laws.