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A Kansas purchase agreement is a contract that is generated and agreed upon by a buyer who intends to purchase something that is generally of high value. A purchase agreement serves to define the terms of the agreement in a manner that is legally binding.

Below are some instances where a purchase agreement may be useful in the state of Kansas.

Kansas Real Estate Purchase Agreement

The purchase of real estate can be complicated and both parties would be served well by having a detailed purchase agreement drawn up. The purchase agreement will vary depending on the terms of the sale and the details of the property being sold. 

Because the terms of a purchase agreement are often varied from sale to sale, there is no state-provided template for a purchase agreement. If you are creating your own purchase agreement, make sure to include contact information for the buyer and seller, signatures of all parties, and a precise description of the terms of the sale. The purchase agreement should also include the legal description of the real estate which can be found on the website of the county it is being sold in.

Find your county website by going to the Kansas state website and typing your county name into the search bar. 

Kansas Business Purchase Agreement

A business purchase agreement serves as a contract that outlines the sale of a business in the state of Kansas. This agreement will include information about the business, assets that will transfer with the business, and the terms of the sale.

A purchase agreement may be needed to validate the sale when you are filing official documents related to the business with the state. See here for forms related to changing ownership details.

Kansas Asset Purchase Agreement

A purchase agreement for higher value assets can ensure that individuals involved in the transaction are protected from liabilities during and after the completion of the transaction.

A general purchase agreement form is not provided by that state but should follow the same format as other types of purchase agreements.

Kansas Land Purchase Agreement

A land purchase agreement falls under the same category as a real estate purchase agreement in the state of Kansas. If you are working with a realtor, they will provide the purchase agreement contract. If you do not have a realtor, you can generate your own contract that includes the legal description of the property, terms of the sale, and signatures of the parties involved.

For a land purchase agreement, it is necessary to have the agreement notarized for it to be legally binding.

Kansas Stock Purchase Agreement

Stock purchase agreements are governed by the federal body called the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). When you are buying or selling stocks in Kansas you will have to use a brokerage that has purchase agreements already generated.

For more details about what a stock purchase agreement details, look at these guidelines set forth by the SEC.


Here are some more fundamentals to know about a Kansas purchase agreement.

This depends on the wording of the purchase agreement. Consult with an attorney to see if it is possible.

If you want the contract to be legally binding, then yes.

A detailed or legal description of the property being sold, terms of the sale, and signatures of involved parties.