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There is no government standard form for a Missouri Purchase Agreement. A purchase agreement is legally binding once the buyer and seller have agreed on terms and the offer is accepted with the following exceptions:

  • If the offer is accepted but not signed by the seller, the buyer can rescind the offer.
  • Missouri state law states that buyers can cancel their purchase for a full refund before midnight of the third business day after the sale.

Missouri Real Estate Purchase Agreement

A Missouri real estate purchase agreement formalizes an offer from the buyer to purchase the seller’s real estate.

Real estate buyers should know that Missouri is a “caveat emptor” state. This means that the buyer is solely responsible for checking for property defects, damages, or other issues that may affect their decision to buy. However, one law in place mandates sellers to inform the buyer if methamphetamine was produced on the property. 

The purchase agreement should at least include:

  • Price offered.
  • Guaranteed deposit.
  • How the buyer will pay (earnest money, down payment, loan).
  • Completion date of the purchase.

Missouri Business Purchase Agreement

When buying a Missouri business, you will either make an asset purchase or an equity-based/stock purchase. With an asset purchase, only the seller’s assets are sold instead of an equity-based investment in which the company’s full ownership of the stock, membership units, or partnership interests are sold.

All business purchase agreements will have the following information, in addition to the details necessary for the specific agreement (asset vs. equity/stock):

  • Date of the purchase.
  • Buyer and seller details.
  • Business details: name, address, state of incorporation.
  • Purchase price.
  • Type of sale.
  • Closing details.

Missouri Asset Purchase Agreement

A Missouri Asset Purchase Agreement will include the standard business details as well as which assets and liabilities the buyer is taking on. Include items such as:

  • Facilities
  • Vehicles
  • Equipment
  • Inventory
  • Licenses
  • Intellectual property

Missouri Stock Purchase Agreement

A Missouri stock purchase agreement is used to take full ownership of a company; this includes all assets and liabilities. Beyond standard business details, Included in a stock purchase agreement are:

  • The number of shares that are being sold.
  • Par value of the shares.
  • Description of shares.
  • Closing date.
  • Due diligence period, if applicable.

Missouri Land Purchase Agreement

A Missouri land purchase agreement is a legally binding document used to transfer land ownership between a buyer and seller.

A reminder that this is a “caveat emptor” state. However, according to Missouri state law, the seller needs to disclose (in writing) if the property has been contaminated with radioactive waste or other hazardous material.

The purchase agreement should include all relevant details, including:

  • Purchase price.
  • Financial contingencies.
  • All legal descriptors (parcel number, tax id numbers, etc.).
  • Closing date.


Here are some frequently asked questions about purchase agreements in Missouri.

Any purchase agreement should at least include:

  • Buyer and seller information. (i.e., name and address).
  • Details of the goods.
  • Purchase price.
  • Payment details (how and when).
  • Delivery details (how, when, where).
  • Signatures of the buyer and seller.

There are other details that the purchase may require depending on the goods being sold, such as down payment, warranties, consequences of default, and any disclosures that are legally required.

No. Once the buyer and seller agree and the offer is accepted and signed, the agreement is binding and does not require a notary.