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For transactions involving real estate, vacant land, and corporate property in Rhode Island, a purchase agreement between the buyer and seller is a necessary document to complete. Once signed, this contract will bind the two parties to every expectation described within the Rhode Island purchase contract.

This document should specify the names of the buyer and seller, details about the property,  purchase price, and date of transfer. The seller must also include a disclosure statement outlined in § 5-20.8-2 of the Rhode Island General Laws.

Rhode Island Real Estate Purchase Agreement

Residential transactions require a Rhode Island home purchase agreement as a part of the closing transactions between a buyer and seller. This document will contain the negotiated price of the property, any warranties and terms for both parties, including mortgage duties, and details about the condition and value of the home.

A separate document called a disclosure statement should also be provided to the buyer during the exchange of a purchase agreement.

Rhode Island Business Purchase Agreement

A business purchase form should be signed by the buyer and seller once they enter into a mutual arrangement to transfer company property. This could take place through the sale of stock or company assets.

Rhode Island Asset Purchase Agreement

An asset purchase form should include the purchase price of individual company assets. The seller will acquire both physical and immaterial goods of the company while the seller can still retain ownership of the company’s account.

Rhode Island Land Purchase Agreement

When vacant land is sold in Rhode Island, a land purchase document should be signed. This contract is similar to a Rhode Island real estate form and should contain a disclosure statement with any known information about the quality of the property.

Rhode Island Stock Purchase Agreement

A stock purchase can sometimes be a more streamlined procedure. Once the price and terms are agreed upon, the buyer and seller should sign a stock purchase document to solidify the purchase of a company’s stock. Through this transaction, the buyer will also take on the responsibilities or debts of the company.


Rhode Island residents can find other answers to common questions about these legal documents below.

This form can contain critical details about the transaction as well as any addendums that cover any other details specific to your situation. You can draft this contract yourself, though it is recommended for an attorney to review it.

No, the only necessary signatures on a Rhode Island purchase form belong to the buyer and seller.

Any relevant information about the item being purchased and the people involved in the sale need to go on the form. You should be sure to include the names of both parties, a description of the property, and the date and price of the sale.