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A Colorado bill of sale creates a record of a sale and ownership transfer. Should there be a legal dispute, this type of bill  is an important safeguard for both parties. It legitimizes the sale and can be used for anything, from cars and trucks to small personal items. For many larger items,this bill is required for the new owner to register or license their property. Copies will usually be made for both the buyer and seller.

Colorado General Bill of Sale

This type of general bill is flexible and can be used for virtually any piece of property. The form will include a detailed description of what’s being sold, the agreed-upon price, and the date of the sale. Both parties are required to sign the form and should retain a copy for their records.

Colorado Car Vehicle Bill of Sale

The Colorado DMV may require this form for some transactions, such as when there is no longer room to transfer ownership on the title. A vehicle’s document can be used to record the transfer of ownership and will record important information, such as the mileage of the car at the time of the sale. It should also include the make, model, VIN, and color.

Colorado Motorcycle Bill of Sale

If you are purchasing a motorcycle, use a motorcycle bill of sale to properly document the change in ownership. You can list any main identifiers about the motorcycle on this form, as well as the name of the seller, date of the sale, and how much the motorcycle cost. Both the buyer and seller should sign the form in order for it to be valid.

Colorado Boat Bill of Sale

If you are selling or purchasing a watercraft, you must use the proper bill. It will be required when you register the boat, and it may also be required for the seller to document the proof of sale for sales tax credit. Keep a copy of the form in your records.

Colorado Trailer Bill of Sale

When purchasing a trailer in Colorado, you should use the proper bill, but it will not be required. It will simplify the selling process, and create a record of the sale. The form should include a detailed description of the item and all pertinent information about the trailer. Both the seller and the buyer should keep a copy of the signed form at hand.

Colorado Firearm Bill of Sale

The firearm bill of sale document is a good document to use when purchasing or selling firearms. Technically, according to C.R.S. 29-11.7-102 Colorado law prohibits firearm registration, and you do not have to submit the form to the state after a transaction. However, it is wise to keep a this bill in your records in case of theft or illegal activity.

Colorado Horse Bill of Sale

A horse bill of sale records the transfer of ownership of an equine. This proof of purchase must be kept by the buyer. Horses can be one of the most expensive and often bought and sold animals in the US, and properly documenting the sale is a good idea.


If you are purchasing a car or vehicle that you register with the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles in your area, the form is required. However, it is not required for a gun or most other private part sales. Regardless of requirements, it is always advisable to create a record of the sale.

You can write this form exactly how you’d normally write- no need to use legal jargon or make it sound professional. As long as the bill lists the parties involved, the date and selling price, a description of the item, and anything else you want to include, you’re good to go. If you’re selling a vehicle, make sure you list the current mileage.

No, it is not required to be notarized.

As long as the form includes all of the pertinent information and required signatures, it is a valid document. If you have messy handwriting, you might want to opt for a typed copy.