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In Connecticut, a bill of sale is required to sell big items, such as vehicles. Connecticut laws and regulations require you to be specific with your bill of sale if you are selling certain items privately.

Connecticut General Bill of Sale

A general bill of sale for the state of Connecticut is a document that proves the sale or trade of an item between two parties.

To write up a bill of sale, you must have certain information, including the date of the sale, name of all involved parties, the mailing address for all parties, the serial number of the property being exchanged, the price of the item, the form of payment, and all involved parties’ printed names, signatures, and the date the document was signed.

Connecticut Car Vehicle Bill of Sale

In Connecticut, a car or vehicle bill of sale is a very important document to have when selling or buying a vehicle privately.

In Connecticut, this document must include all information regarding the vehicle, the names and signatures of the buyer and seller, the date of exchange, and the price paid. 

Connecticut Motorcycle Bill of Sale

Connecticut motorcycle sales are very similar to those for cars and other motor vehicles. A motorcycle bill of sale requires most of the same information needed when selling a car.

This document should include information about the motorcycle, including the VIN, mileage, make, and model of the bike. It should also include information from the buyer and seller, along with their signatures and the date the document was signed. The date of the sale and how much was paid should round out the bill of sale.

Connecticut Boat Bill of Sale

Selling a boat in Connecticut is very similar to selling a vehicle or motorcycle. A Connecticut Boat Bill of Sale requires all the same information, in addition to a description of the boat being sold.

The make and model of the boat, mileage, buyer and seller names, date of the sale, price of the watercraft, and signatures of the buyer and seller should be included.

Connecticut Trailer Bill of Sale

In Connecticut, if you’re trying to sell or buy a trailer, it has to be registered as a camp trailer. This requires the same legal bill of sale template that is used for vehicles and vessels. You will be required to input all the same information.

Make sure you’re including the names of the buyer and seller, a description of the trailer, the make, model, VIN, mileage (if necessary), the date of the sale, and how much was paid.

Connecticut Firearm Bill of Sale

Connecticut’s laws on firearm sales are rather strict and will require a bit more work. To begin with, if you are planning on buying a firearm in Connecticut, you need to get in touch with the state’s SLFU, and fill out a Connecticut Firearm Bill of Sale.

You will have to have the date of the sale, the sale authorization number, and information about the firearm including the caliber, barrel length, description, serial number, model, and manufacturer. Information about the buyer and seller must be included, along with signatures and the date of sale must also be included.

Connecticut Horse Bill of Sale

In Connecticut, you don’t specifically need to write up a bill of sale for a horse. There is no legal requirement. That being said, horses are very expensive and it would still be very smart to write up one for the exchange.

If you choose to write up a bill of sale, make sure you include the description and name of the horse, the horse’s age, size, and weight, the condition of the horse at the time of sale, the date of the sale, the names and signatures of the buyer and seller, and how much the horse cost.


Yes, one is required when you sell or buy a vehicle privately, and when you get a motorcycle, boat, trailer, or firearm. If you’re purchasing or selling a horse, one is not required, but it is recommended.

Follow the guidelines listed above. You must get signatures from the buyer and seller.

No, it does not have to be notarized, but you can get it notarized if you’d like.

Yes, as long as you’re including information about the buyer, seller, pricing, and the date of the sale. If you handwrite your document, make sure you make multiple copies while keeping the original.