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A Delaware bill of sale consists of written documentation that attests to a buyer’s purchase of property from a seller. The document usually includes both parties’ contact information, a description of the item sold, warranties, and any sale conditions.

Additionally, such a bill includes the date of transfer, price, and the signatures of both parties. In other words, it’s similar to a receipt, and in Delaware, it is appropriate to have one when you are purchasing a horse, firearm, or vehicle.

Delaware General Bill of Sale

A Delaware general documentation of sale will be prepared by a seller to give to the buyer or trader. The document will act as proof of a transaction between individuals or entities.

Generally, your document will require notarization, and no signatures should be entered until the services of a notary are kept for witness and authentication.

Delaware Car Bill of Sale

It is required to have a documented note of sale for any transaction of vehicles between two parties.

Several pieces of information are required to be in this document. The contact information of parties, sale date, price, and signatures must be included for the document to be valid.

Delaware Motorcycle Bill of Sale

A Delaware motor vehicle note of sale is similar to the one in place for cars. Delaware requires a motor vehicle documentation of sale for any motor transaction between two parties.

Delaware requires the location of sale, contact information of parties, date, and payment type in the document. Signatures will also be necessary but shouldn’t be included until the document is notarized.

Delaware Boat Bill of Sale

A Delaware boat bill documenting sale form is required for all boat transactions. This document acts as an original paper record proving the sale of a boat vessel from one party to another for an agreed amount.

Similar to the regulations in place for cars and motorcycles, this document notes information about the seller, buyer, watercraft, price. To make the document official, endorsing the bill testifies to the validity of the exchange.

Delaware Trailer Bill of Sale

Delaware requires similar information to other types of vehicle bills of sale for a trailer. The trailer notation of sale encompasses all types of trailers, whether it be for livestock, camping, or homemade trailers.

Like other vehicle bills of sale, one for a trailer requires contact information of both purchase and seller, trailer, and price.

Delaware Firearm Bill of Sale

Delaware requires a Delaware firearm documented notation of sale for any transaction of selling, purchasing, or trading a pistol or long gun. The bill requires both parties’ contact information, description of the gun in subject, sales price, and signature of buyer and seller.

A person of notarial power who can validate the document should be present. The buyer must be at least 18 years old to buy long guns and 21 years old to purchase a handgun. Delaware advises that a licensed dealer with access to a criminal background system facilitates private firearm sales.

Delaware Horse Bill of Sale

The Delaware Department of Agriculture offers a fillable Delaware horse bill. This will serve as proof of the transaction and money exchange.

Both the buyer and seller provide contact information, the price of the horse, and the date of the transaction. Additionally, the documentation of sale requires a description of the horse by name and tattoo number. The seller also outlines in the bill that the horse is free of encumbrances.

After, both parties sign the document with a notary public to legitimize the transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a notation of sale is required for all transactions.

You may find the Delaware forms on our website or at a Delaware DMV.

Yes, the documentation of sale must be notarized in Delaware.

Yes, it may be handwritten in Delaware. If handwriting your document, make sure you are writing neatly and that you make multiple copies once you’ve finished writing it.