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A bill of sale provides crucial legal protection when buying or selling property in Kentucky. It creates a paper trail and legitimizes the sale of any private property. It can be an essential safeguard for both the buyer and the seller. Once both parties have signed the bill of sale, make copies for records and the registration of the property for the seller.

Kentucky General Bill of Sale

A general bill of sale can be used for a wide range of personal property, anything from a pet to an expensive piece of jewelry. Use the bill of sale document to provide proof of purchase and provide crucial protection for both parties regarding any dispute over an item’s ownership, condition, price, etc.

Kentucky Car Vehicle Bill of Sale

A Kentucky car bill of sale document is necessary when purchasing or selling a car or truck. It records vital information such as the odometer, and the Kentucky County Clerk’s Office may require a bill of sale. This document makes sure you have all the necessary information for a transaction.

Kentucky Motorcycle Bill of Sale

This motorcycle bill of sale includes make, model, VIN, color, odometer, etc. Use the motorcycle bill of sale document to record the transfer of ownership of a motorcycle and document essential information such as the odometer at the time of the sale.

Kentucky Boat Bill of Sale

When purchasing a boat, you can use the bill of sale document to record the transfer of ownership of a boat and provide proof of ownership for the buyer. It is crucial to have a complete and accurate bill of sale for registration, license, and insurance purposes when buying a watercraft.

Kentucky Trailer Bill of Sale

The trailer bill of sale will provide an easy-to-use legal form to record the purchase or sale of a trailer.

Kentucky Firearm Bill of Sale

According to K.R.S. 237.109, Kentucky does not require firearm registration, and you do not have to submit a bill of sale to the state after purchasing one. You can use the Kentucky gun bill of sale document when selling or purchasing a firearm. It is smart to retrain a copy for your records whenever you buy or sell a gun.

Kentucky Horse Bill of Sale

You can use the horse bill of sale to record the sale of a stallion, mare, gelding, or foal and provide proof of ownership for the buyer. It is standard for a deposit pending a health inspection of the animal to be made and then deducted from the final sale price once both parties decide to go through with the sale.


Here are a few quick questions and answers for Kentucky residents.

Sometimes. It is necessary to have a bill of sale or sign over the title to register with the County Clerk’s Office in your area within 15 days of purchasing a boat or vehicle. It is not necessary for a gun or most other private part sales. However, it is always a good idea to fill out a bill of sale and retain a copy.

Make sure to include a good description of the item being sold, as well as the date, the complete legal names of the parties involved, the amount of the sale, and the signatures of all the parties. It is also best to notarize them, depending on the item being sold.

It is not required to be notarized. That said, a bill of sale in Kentucky is required to have certain information on it depending on the item. A vehicle bill of sale is required to have the VIN, make, and model of the vehicle, both parties’ names, contact information and signatures, the price, the purchase date, and the odometer. Ensure you have all the pertinent information when using a bill of sale.

Yes, it can, and if you have no other choice, it can be done in a pinch. It is much more advisable to print a detailed form that can be legible and easy to retain for records.