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A bill of sale is a contract that confirms the purchase of an item of ownership between two parties. Regulations regarding bills of sale vary from state to state. Although a New Hampshire bill is only required for title-exempt motor vehicles, using one can still serve as legal protection when buying or selling property between individuals.

Below are a few explanations of different types of bills of sale that can be used in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire General Bill of Sale

A general bill of sale provides proof of a transaction between individuals when money or goods are exchanged for property or services. Because this document is broad and not specific to any type of goods, it should include a brief and accurate description of the items or services sold and the selling price.

While a general bill is not a legal requirement in New Hampshire, it can be a good idea if you are selling something valuable. For example, you may want to use a general version if you are selling livestock or services.

New Hampshire Car or Vehicle Bill of Sale

New Hampshire provides a template-specific car bill for vehicles. The New Hampshire requirements are available on the New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles website.

According to New Hampshire laws, a vehicle bill is only legally required when the car is exempt from titling requirements.

New Hampshire Motorcycle Bill of Sale

In New Hampshire, a motorcycle is classified as a motor vehicle. This means that a motor vehicle type of documentation can be used when you are selling a motorcycle to another individual.

A New Hampshire bill for a motorcycle should include the legal names and addresses of all parties involved in the sale. In addition, a detailed description of the motorcycle and the selling price is needed. This document can be handwritten or printed from a template online.

New Hampshire Boat Bill of Sale

When a boat is sold in New Hampshire, it is required by state law that a bill be exchanged between the buyer and seller. This document requires specific information about the vessel, the price paid and identifying information from both the buyer and seller.

The New Hampshire DMV website lists the specific requirements for constructing a boat bill. The main difference between this type of bill versus a motor vehicle type is it requires specific information about the vessel.

You must meet the requirements when filling out a New Hampshire boat bill, or you will not be allowed to register your boat with the state.

New Hampshire Trailer Bill of Sale

A trailer is not classified as a motor vehicle in New Hampshire. But if you are using the trailer on public roads it must be registered with the state. If the trailer is sold without a title, you will need a bill to register the trailer with the state.

There is no specific template for a New Hampshire trailer documentation, but using the same template as a motor vehicle bill will work to submit for state registration of your trailer.

New Hampshire Firearm Bill of Sale

Private gun sales are legal in the state of New Hampshire. There are some regulations. Gun sales are only permitted between two people who know each other personally. Otherwise, the buyer must be licensed to carry a gun within the state.

A New Hampshire gun bill should include a description of the gun and the gun’s serial number.

New Hampshire Horse Bill of Sale

There is no law in New Hampshire requiring a bill to document when buying or selling a horse or other livestock. However, it may be a good idea to write or fill out a template for a general type when selling a horse in New Hampshire.

Some things to include in a horse bill would be the name and contact information of all parties involved, the price paid for the horse, and a detailed description of the horse.


It is required in New Hampshire for all boats and title-exempt motor vehicles. It is also required for private firearm sales.

Follow the template instructions from the DMV or New Hampshire state government website.

No, it does not need to be notarized in New Hampshire.

It can be either typed or handwritten in New Hampshire.