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In New Mexico, a bill of sale is a very important legal document used to record the transfer of ownership of property. It can be used for cars, motorcycles, boats, or other personal property. Once both parties sign the bill of sales, copies should be made. Both the buyer and seller should retain their records, and the buyer may need them for registration purposes.

New Mexico General Bill of Sale

A general bill of sale is typically used to provide proof of purchase and record the sale of any property between two parties. I can include the sale of any type of personal property, anything from small household items to livestock. A signed form is a crucial protection for both parties regarding any dispute over an item after the sale.

New Mexico Car Vehicle Bill of Sale

A New Mexico car bill of sale document transfers ownership of a motor vehicle. The New Mexico MVD may require a form for some transactions, such as when there is no longer room to transfer ownership on the title, and this document includes all necessary information, such as make, model, VIN, color, odometer, etc. Use a car transfer document to ensure that you include all pertinent info.

New Mexico Motorcycle Bill of Sale

The motorcycle bill of sale document can be used when buying or selling a motorcycle and will record important information such as the odometer. Using a detailed motorcycle sales form will ensure that you have all the information needed, and the buyer can register their motorcycle.

New Mexico Boat Bill of Sale

The boat bill of sale document is used when selling any boat or watercraft and will provide proof of ownership for the buyer. This form will be required for registration and license purposes. Use the boat sale document to ensure that you have the necessary information recorded.

New Mexico Trailer Bill of Sale

The trailer bill of sale document will include all information necessary when purchasing or selling a trailer. Use this document to ensure that you have proper record keeping in the event of any legal issue.

New Mexico Firearm Bill of Sale

It is a wise idea for a New Mexico gun bill of sale document to be used when either selling or purchasing a firearm. Technically, according to New Mexico state law, New Mexico does not require firearm registration, and you do not have to submit a form to the state after a transaction.

New Mexico Horse Bill of Sale

The horse bill of sale records the transfer of ownership of a horse and provide proof of ownership for the buyer. There are several details to include when purchasing or selling a horse to ensure that the sale and condition of the animal are properly recorded.


Review the brief answers below if you still have questions or concerns about this type of document.

It is required to have a bill of sale or sign over the title with a notary stamp to register a vehicle or boat. You then need to register to start with your local MVD office. It is not necessary for a gun or most other private party sales. However, it is good to fill out a form for your records.

It needs to include an accurate description of the item, the date, the full names of the parties involved, the price, and the signatures of all parties. It may also be notarized to ensure its legitimacy.

New Mexico is one of the six states that does require the title or sale form to be notarized to the transfer title or ownership. It applies to both motor vehicles and boats. However, a bill of sale for other personal property is not required to be notarized. To ensure you have the correct information, use the forms available on our site.

If the form includes all pertinent information and required signatures, it is a valid document. It is typically much easier for record-keeping and legibility to print the correct type of form.