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A Wyoming bill of sale is a document used to record the transfer of ownership of assets, including motor vehicles, motorcycles, trailers, boats, firearms, horses, and more.

Even when not legally required, a bill of sale provides legal protection for buyer and seller. The agreement specifies the terms of sale for both parties, provides the buyer with proof of ownership, and protects the sellers from legal liability.

For specific questions about motor vehicle sales, you can turn to the Wyoming Department of Transportation.

Wyoming General Bill of Sale

Parties should use a Wyoming bill of sale when transferring valuable items. It should include a list of specific details, such as identifying information for both parties, a description of the item transferred, any identification numbers applicable, the date, the price of the sale, and the terms of the agreement.

You can use a template for a bill of sale or create your own. When creating your own, it is consequential to include all of the necessary information and terms of the agreement.

Wyoming Car Vehicle Bill of Sale

If you’re buying or selling a vehicle in Wyoming, you can turn to a template provided by Teton County for an example. Here is a list of pertinent information to include on the Wyoming bill of sale:

  • Buyer’s name(s) and address
  • Seller’s name(s) and address
  • Date of sale
  • Make
  • Model
  • Year of production
  • Title number
  • Purchase price
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

A notarized bill of sale is required if a financial institution holds the title. See this 2017 memo from the Wyoming Department of Transportation for more information.

Wyoming Motorcycle Bill of Sale

A motorcycle bill of sale in Wyoming will be similar to a vehicle bill of sale. The importance of the term agreements is arguably a bit more useful on a motorcycle because the vehicle itself is at a higher risk of destruction.

Indicate that the buyer is responsible for all insurance needs and requirements in the terms and any warranty coverage or lack thereof.

Wyoming Boat Bill of Sale

Boats require titles of ownership in Wyoming, similar to vehicles and motorcycles. Therefore, the bill of sale will be like those.

If you buy a boat that is not titled in Wyoming, you should reference the Converse County bill of sale template. The notarized version properly records the transfer of boat ownership. 

Wyoming Trailer Bill of Sale

As of 2010, trailers require titles in the state of Wyoming. If the trailer does not yet have a title or VIN, the buyer will need to apply for them. A bill of sale is one of the required documents to apply for a new title.

A VIN is first required, so begin the process there. Then bring the Wyoming bill of sale, VIN inspection form, proof sales tax has been paid, and if new, manufacturer’s certificate of origin and MSRP statement to get a new title from the county clerk.

Wyoming Firearm Bill of Sale

Registration of firearms is not required in Wyoming. However, having a bill of sale is still a good idea. It protects both parties in case any issues arise.

It can also be helpful by including questions required by the federal regulatory agencies, allowing the opportunity to document that the buyer is legally allowed to own a firearm.

Wyoming Horse Bill of Sale

This bill of sale includes specific information for both the buyer and seller, plus as much identifying information for the animal as possible.

The information includes species, breed, age, sex, and any identifying brands, scrapes, marks, or other descriptive facts. The price of the sale should also be part of this Wyoming bill of sale.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wyoming Bills of Sale

Here are some of the frequently asked questions pertaining to Wyoming Bills of Sale.

In most cases, vehicle, motorcycle, boat, and trailer transactions require a bill of sale. Even when not required, a bill of sale should be used to legally protect both buyer and seller by providing useful information about the transfer in ownership and the terms of the agreement.

Identifying information for both buyer and seller, including names and addresses, is an important part of any bill of sale. You should also include the year, make, and model of the item being transferred and any other identifying information such as color or type.

The bill of sale should also include any necessary terms, such as warranty coverage or lack thereof. Finally, if selling items like firearms with certain requirements to hold legal ownership, that should be provided on the Wyoming bill of sale.