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According to law, Massachusetts Deed Forms must be filled out in order to transfer property from one owner to another owner. There are a few different types of deed forms that can be used. The type of form you use depends on the nature of the transfer of ownership.

All types of forms must get signed by the person transferring the property in front of a notary. The person receiving the property must then file the deed in the property’s county along with the filing fee.

Massachusetts General Warranty Deed

A general warranty deed is used to transfer a property title from a seller to a buyer. The seller guarantees that they have the legal ability to sell the property, and they have the legal rights to the property title and any interests in said property.

Massachusetts Quit Claim Deed

A quitclaim deed is used when a person sells land or structures to a buyer. However, the seller does not guarantee that there are no other interests in the property. When signing a quitclaim deed, the seller is not responsible for any problems with the property’s title after selling the property.

Massachusetts Special Warranty Deed

A special warranty deed only guarantees that there are no defects in the title during the ownership of the seller. Any impairments beyond the time the grantor transferred the property are not guaranteed.

Massachusetts Deed of Trust

In Massachusetts, a deed of trust replaces a conventional mortgage. The difference is in which entity holds the title while paying off the buyer’s loan. There is not an online template for this type of deed. It will be proved and filled out by the lender.

Frequently Asked or Relative Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions about deeds in the state of Massachusetts.

In order to transfer a deed in Massachusetts, you must find which form you need. All deed forms must be filled out then signed by a notary. The deed form must immediately be filed and recorded in the county where the property sits.

A deed can be obtained by registering a notarized deed form. If you need to obtain a previous deed or title of a certain property, you can access the Massachusetts Registry of Deeds website.

In most of Massachusetts, it costs $4.56 for every $1000 of the sales cost in transfer taxes. In a couple of counties in the Cape Cod area, the price is $6.12 per $1000 in taxes. There is also a $155 filing fee to register the transferred deed.

There is no requirement in Massachusetts requiring a lawyer to fill out or prepare a deed. An average citizen can fill out their own deed forms as long as they get the deed notarized.