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Missouri Power of Attorney (POA) is a crucial solution during a serious life event like an accident, illness, or period when you are traveling or away. Designating an agent to make critical choices and decisions on your behalf gives you peace of mind during a stressful time. Below we dive into the different situations when you will need or utilize a Missouri Power of Attorney.

Missouri Durable Power of Attorney

The durable power of attorney (DPOA) for Missouri provides a document that enables an agent the legal right to make decisions and act for another person in Missouri.

A DPOA remains active, even if the principal can no longer make their own choices. This element is the difference between durable and non-durable POA.

Missouri General Power of Attorney

The Missouri General Power of Attorney (GPOA) process enables a person to transfer power to the agent to act on the principal’s behalf for broad financial matters. Whoever the principal appoints will be able to act as if he or she were the principal.

All decisions are considered binding, and the form to complete is comparable to the DPOA, except for one discrepancy. Once you can no longer make decisions on your own and become incapacitated, the document is then void.

Missouri Limited Power of Attorney

The form for Missouri Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) is useful when the principal requires representation for a set period or specific transaction. LPOA is beneficial when you are traveling or away, and you need someone to complete a real estate transaction. You can also use an LPOA when you need an agent to handle your money while on leave or traveling for a long time.

Missouri Medical Power of Attorney

The legal document for Missouri medical power of attorney (MPOA) allows you to designate someone to make critical healthcare decisions when you cannot communicate. These decisions extend to instructions for care, treatment, and other essential decisions of health. The document is also referred to as a Missouri Medical POA or a Missouri Health Care POA.

Missouri Minor (Child) Power of Attorney

The Missouri minor power of attorney (CPOA) document transfers guardianship to the agent for a parent’s child. CPOA enables the reliable individual to make decisions about the child’s healthcare, education, and other critical affairs. The agent is prohibited from making important decisions for the child, such as adoption, marriage, or abortion.

Missouri Power of Attorney FAQs

In case you are still unsure about the Missouri POA, below are some frequently asked questions.

Here are the simple and straightforward steps to getting POA in Missouri and completing the form:

  • Designate and choose an agent – both the principal and agent write out their names and address near the top of the document
  • Grant the agent authority – the principal notes on the form which parts of their life they provide legal power for the agent
  • Make sure the form is durable
  • Data and sign the form

To revoke POA in Missouri, you must complete a revocation POA form. This document allows a principal to deliver written notice of his or her intention to revoke POA.

Upon execution of the document, it will release the agent from all powers and responsibilities outlined in the document. For this form to be effective, it must be input before a public notary.

There is currently no state law that requires a witness to be present upon execution of the document. However, it is usually required to get a notary to stamp and publicly acknowledge the completed forms. Below are a few quick steps to notarize a POA in Missouri:

  • Complete an acknowledgment form, which attaches to the POA
  • Confirm the documents are correct and that the principal voluntarily agrees
  • The principal will sign the document
  • Document in notarized by sealing or stamping it
  • Notarization is recorded in a notary journal, if available